Carin Hughes


Carin Hughes is an editor of the AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report.

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3 Tips to Reduce Cybersecurity Gaps

3 challenges to securing business data

Success in today’s fast-moving business world hinges on innovation — and data is its lifeblood. Learn what experts view as the biggest challenges to protecting business' valuable data.

Speaking out: Security and voice recognition

From car commands to phone searches, voice recognition makes digital life effortless. But that simplicity comes with risks to your cybersecurity. Find out the risks and defenses for your organization’s data.

A booming business: The rise of cybergangs

Cybergangs are modeling themselves on successful businesses, with often staggering results. Increasingly, today's cybercriminals have defined roles within a large operation that’s mission is based on stolen data. Who are these gangs...

Why third party cybersecurity matters

No matter how cybersecure you have made your organization, your third party relationships could undermine everything. Learn why managing third party risks matters and how it can be accomplished.

What it’s worth: Cost breakdown of a breach

The price tag of a breach continues to spiral upward. Recent research indicates that since 2013 it has risen 30% worldwide. What does that increased rate actually mean for business? In this post, you will learn the breakdown of major...

4 steps to a strong incident response plan

The sheer volume of cyberattacks essentially ensures that one or more will penetrate an organization’s defenses. That is why fast, intelligent incident response is critical to mitigating the effects of a breach.

Navigating cyberbreach communications: 5 best practices

When it comes to post-crisis messaging, there are a number of best practices to follow as well as a number of messaging missteps to avoid. This blog will examine how to present your company as a dependable and transparent partner even...

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