Candace Worley

Vice President, Intel Security Group

Candace Worley is a senior technology executive and recognized thought leader in the endpoint security industry. For the past 20+ years, she has developed and delivered successful enterprise software solutions resulting in notable market growth and new revenue streams for global companies. As Sr. Vice President and General Manager for McAfee Enterprise Endpoint Security (recently branded Intel Security) Candace built her reputation as a respected business leader; known for her predictive insights, strategic vision and ability to execute. Initially joining McAfee as a product manager in 2000, she advanced rapidly within the company, and by 2010, was appointed Sr. Vice President and General Manager. She is currently Vice President of Enterprise Solutions Marketing responsible for go-to-market strategy and alternate routes to market, global enterprise messaging, solutions pricing and packaging, technical marketing, pricing and licensing strategy, and competitive intelligence across the ISecG corporate products portfolio. As a member of the senior leadership team at Intel Security, Candace plays a key role as a solution and corporate spokesperson with customers, analysts and press. Candace holds a Masters of Business Administration from Marylhurst College in Oregon and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Oregon State University. Candace currently resides in Oregon. She spends her free time gardening, cooking and traveling.

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