Brandon Gregg

Use your own "Flame" spyware for investigations

Digital forensics software, remote access tools, and other tools to aid corporate investigations

How online black markets work

Corporate investigator Brandon Gregg looks at how bitcoins and Tor make anonymous black markets tick

Three steps to properly protect your personal data

Even encryption can give you a false sense of security. Here's a layered approach to truly keep your data private.

5 free ways to use crowdsourcing for investigations

Careful use of online sites can track down hard-to-find information and leads

Fighting Organized Retail Crime: Forget the hype!

Brandon Gregg challenges current thinking about organized shoplifting rings. Forget the hype and get back to basics.

5 free or cheap tools to manage investigations

Free software once used only by the CIA. A pen that will change your life. Brandon Gregg shares these and other inexpensive ways to manage corporate investigations.

Covert investigations 3: covert surveillance setup

Ready to catch your bad guy in the act? Investigations manager Brandon Gregg on how to put the right surveillance equipment in the right place.

Covert Investigations 2: Video Recording Devices

The care you use in selecting the right camera for a covert investigation can be undercut if you don't also choose the right video recording device

Covert Investigations: Cameras

Is covert surveillance a necessary part of your investigation? Lux levels, nanny cams and other camera considerations

How to Visualize Investigations

Visualization can help close an investigation and help communicate the findings. Corporate investigations manager Brandon Gregg explains common tools and formats.

How to Protect Your Privacy from Computer Forensics

Concerned about identity theft? Selling or recycling an old computer? Corporate investigations manager Brandon Gregg explains three tools for making sure your data is really deleted.

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