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The hidden (and not so hidden) costs of a ransomware attack

The hidden (and not so hidden) costs of a ransomware attack

Most businesses would prefer to bury the costs associated with their response to a data security event. That's not always an option.

Where we’ve been. Where we’re going.

Where we’ve been. Where we’re going.

As we wind down 2015 I think it’s a good time to throw my two cents into the morass of all the other “end of year recaps” and “next year predictions”. This is what I observed and what I think we’ll see in the future.

IMHO: Security can never be just part of the business

IMHO: Security can never be just part of the business

Security has gone from afterthought to priority in the Board's eyes. That's a good thing, right? But it brings with it a new kind of risk – when security is viewed as simply part of business as usual

A View of the World from Your Office

A View of the World from Your Office

As you gaze out the window of your office, ever wonder if someone is looking back?

Maybe it really does matter who the CISO reports to

Does it really matter if the CISO reports to someone other than the CIO

When leadership gets on board

Why has the Board of Directors suddenly gotten on board with the importance of cybersecurity. For years, security was a four-letter word that meant ‘spend lots of money and get nothing in return’. Suddenly this seemed to be changing....

What’s old is new again

The latest iSight Partners report details a complex Iranian effort at social engineering. What's striking is that many methods employed by the attackers mirrored the tradecraft employed by intelligence services. It's also readily...

The sorry state of cybercrime

Attempts to defeat cybercrime are failing…miserably. Understanding where we are failing is an important first step.

Who put the cockroach in my supply chain?

Businesses have always had concerns about supply chain risks but, for most businesses, those risks involve shipping delays, parts shortages and labor issues. But that’s starting to change as evidenced by CSOonline’s recent coverage on...

Forget the Internet of things...this is the Internet of crap

Unless we begin to treat all of our devices, boxes, technologies, etc. as hostile by default, we will continue to find ourselves cleaning-up the havoc wrought by adversaries with poor intentions and friends with good ones.

Let's talk about the real victim here

I’m willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I get the whole thing about being on the radio or television or whatever, and trying to be controversial. It makes for good radio, television, etc. But sometimes it really goes a...

A primer for school security

CSO publisher Bob Bragdon on dealing with the risks schools face

Subsidizing the future

Where will tomorrow's IT security workers come from?

Celebrating teamwork

Bob Bragdon: New CSO40 awards recognize security initiatives that create business value

Before you lecture, listen

CSO Publisher Bob Bragdon on the key to success

The many seasons of our discontent

Bob Bragdon on cybersecurity legislation (or lack thereof)

RIP, BlackBerry

Bob Bragdon on the imminent demise of his longtime smartphone vendor

Trust me!

CSO publisher Bob Bragdon says trust is even stranger in the digital world

SOPA, PIPA, Anonymous: Can I have a little hope?

CSO's publisher looks at a tumultuous January for the intellectual property landscape

Naming names in APT

Bob Bragdon says it's time to stop tiptoeing around China

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