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Ann Bednarz writes, assigns and edits feature articles aimed at enterprise IT pros. She can be reached at

IT Pros Staying Put, Expecting Raises

There's cause for contentment among IT pros, many of whom are staying put at their current jobs due to a combination of lingering economic concerns and improving conditions at work. In a survey of 500 IT pros, staffing firm Modis...

Symantec CEO Nets $8.5 Million Pay Package

Symantec CEO Enrique Salem netted an $8.5 million pay package this year, down 6% from the $9 million he received in 2010, according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Salem received a 20% salary...

Inside Cisco Global Security Operations

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- In the ongoing battle against enterprise security threats, Cisco has amassed an army of 500 engineers, researchers and technicians deployed in 11 primary locations worldwide, whose marching orders are to analyze...

9/11 Continues to Influence IT Strategy

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Dave Rudzinsky's first thoughts and concerns were for the people affected by the tragedies. As someone who plays a critical role in his own employer's disaster readiness,...

Happy SysAdmin Day. Are You Feeling Thankful?

Today is the perfect day to show your appreciation for the unsung heroes who keep corporate desktops, servers and networks running. It's System Administrator Appreciation Day, an annual event thought up by IT pro Ted Kekatos.

What's So Great About Spiceworks?

Spiceworks users are a loyal bunch, judging by their raves about the open-source IT management software.

Finger Pointing? These Products Get IT Off the Hook

When communications problems crop up, network pros use performance management and network troubleshooting tools get to the root of the issue.

Google's Eric Schmidt Gets Big Raise to Go with $100 Million Sock Award

Eric Schmidt took home a pay package worth $313,219 in his final full year as CEO of Google. Now that he's executive chairman, Schmidt is getting a $1.25 million salary, a bonus up to $6 million and a $100 million stock package.

Tech Support Teams Understaffed By 42%

Today's tech support teams are significantly understaffed, which leaves staffers juggling too many requests for help and end users suffering long wait times to get that help.

'Food Porn' At Its Best: Ex-Microsoft CTO Publishes Groundbreaking Cookbook

The $625 'Modernist Cuisine' cookbook is laden with spectacular photography that captures cooking techniques and chemical reactions such as the Leidenfrost effect.

IBM CEO's Compensation Jumps 30% to $31.7 Million

IBM CEO Sam Palmisano received compensation worth $31.7 million in 2010, up from $24.3 million in 2009, according to documents filed with the SEC this week.

EMC Chief Tucci Nets 37% Pay Paise to $12.4 Million

EMC's performance in 2010 was the 'best in company history,' says Joe Tucci, who saw his own compensation climb 37% during the same timeframe.

Adobe CEO's Pay More Than Doubles to $12.2 Million

2010 was a good year for Adobe Systems CEO and President Shantanu Narayen, whose $12.2 million compensation package is more than double the $5 million he received in 2009.

Prepare for Talent Wars, IT Poaching, Dice.Com Warns

IT hiring managers and recruiters are bracing for a fight over the most skilled tech pros -- and they're watching carefully to make sure their own most valued employees aren't about to flee for greener tech pastures.

IE Wins, Firefox Loses As Internet Population Shifts

Geographic shifts in Internet usage caused Firefox to lose browser share in February to the benefit of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, while Google's Chrome browser inched up.

Had a Few Too Many? Your Car's Gonna Know

In the not-too-distant future, your car may be able to detect the driver's blood alcohol concentration and, if it's over the legal limit, prevent the car from being started.

Will Cloud Backup Services Put Tape Backups in Trash Can?

While technologies exist to vastly improve backup and recovery processes, many enterprises have delayed modernizing their backup infrastructure. Now a confluence of factors - greater storage demands, the need for faster disaster...

Disaster recovery trial by fire ... literally

On a Sunday morning last year, John Brooks received news no one wants to hear. There'd been an electrical fire in the basement of a New York City office tower - where his law firm has an office.

Cisco, BMC Co-Develop Cloud Platform for Service Providers

The Integrated Cloud Delivery Platform, jointly developed by Cisco and BMC, is aimed at eliminating many of the manual steps required to set up and provision cloud computing services.

Mainframe Sect Tackles New Roles, Old Stereotypes

IBM's new mainframe is on display at this week's SHARE conference in Boston, a testament to the relevancy of the big iron in today's enterprise IT environments. Amid the excitement over IBM's mainframe makeover, however, IT pros are...

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