Agam Shah

U.S. Correspondent

Agam Shah covers machine learning, virtual reality, PCs, servers and chips for the IDG News Service, and is based in New York.

Dell is stepping in to protect the boot layer of PCs, tablets

Dell is stepping in to protect the boot layer of PCs, tablets

Dell's business laptops and tablets will get an extra layer of protection from hackers with a new security tool being loaded into the company's portable computers.

Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish snafu

Lenovo hit with lawsuit over Superfish snafu

Lenovo admitted to pre-loading the Superfish adware on some consumer PCs, and unhappy customers are now dragging the company to court on the matter.

Server makers rushing out Heartbleed patches

Dell, HP and IBM issue firmware and software updates for servers affected by the Heartbleed bug

Apple, Samsung phone security features to be scrutinized

But US prosecutors want kill switches on smartphones as part of the Secure Our Smartphones initiative

Intel hopes McAfee security features will differentiate mobile chips

Security threats to mobile devices are on the rise

Intel confirms acquisition of heart-beat biometrics company Idesia

Idesia Biometrics provides technology through which heart beats can be used to recognize users on PCs and mobile devices

Security Upgrades Needed with Growing Cyberwar Threats

Industrial systems, transport and power grid infrastructures are still vulnerable, panelists said this week

Steve Jobs: a Timeline

Major events in the life of Steve Jobs

Intel's McAfee Unit Agrees to Buy NitroSecurity

McAfee hopes to make threat diagnosis and resolution easier with NitroSecurity's products

Intel posts fix for bug that crashes SSD 320 drives

Intel is also replacing drives that have crashed because of the bug

Intel Acknowledges SSD 320 Bug, Working on Firmware Upgrade

Intel on Sunday acknowledged that a bug could cause its SSD 320 solid-state drives to fail, and said a firmware upgrade is on its way to address the problem.

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