Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner is a multi-decade veteran of the cybersecurity community. This year he was recognized by SC Magazine as one of the most influential cybersecurity leaders of the last 30 years. Beginning in the 1990s as a young member of Microsoft’s security teams and later working for US government and private sector organizations, he has first-hand experience in dealing with the global scale of cyber security problems. For the last 15 years, he has been an IANS Faculty member, and a leader in cellular network and mobile device security research. Aaron is currently the CEO and founder of Hotshot, a high-integrity messaging and identity management platform. He has recently moved to Luxembourg in the EU to drive a new wave of data protection technologies designed to give individuals better control over their digital identities and data.

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Blaster worm: Lessons learned a decade later

Aaron Turner remembers the frantic days, and sleepless nights, around battling Blaster a decade ago, and reflects on what we've learned, and work still yet to be done

Freedom of the Cyber Seas

Freedom of the Cyber Seas

How lessons from the U.S. government's response to pirates in the early 1800s can help the next president of the United States improve information security

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