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Research/Infographic | Presented by Jabra

Assisting Teachers With Technology In Hybrid Classrooms

This infographic discusses how teachers can use insights, analytics, and technology to better understand and develop their students in virtual classrooms with a focus on machine learning.

White Paper | Presented by Sophos

Four Key Tips From Incident Response Experts

This white paper highlights four top tips businesses can use to help them respond to cybersecurity incidents more effectively.

Building a Resilient Digital Enterprise

This on-demand webcast part of HCL Elevate Series discusses how executives leaders are adapting to the challenging times and how they can build a digitally resilient enterprise.

BI & Data Trends 2021 – The Great Digital Switch

This white paper looks at why businesses need to make ‘The Great Digital Switch’ and why they need data and analytics to make the switch effectively.

Analyst Report | Presented by Bitdefender

The ‘New Normal’ State of Cybersecurity

This report looks at the current threat landscape that businesses face and how they can adapt their cybersecurity practices to combat new threats.

Cybersecurity – keeping pace in a rapidly evolving landscape

The cybersecurity landscape is rapidly evolving with the discovery of high-profile breaches such as the recent SolarWinds incident, which affected a number of US Government agencies. In that case it was found that a software update by a private company enabled a widespread cyber intrusion that went undetected for almost a year.

Video/Webcast | Presented by IBM

Are you prepared for a cyber pandemic?

The global health crisis has led to repercussions that may change the IT landscape forever. Consider this: there were almost 3,000 publicly reported breaches in the first three quarters of 2020, a 51 per cent increase compared to the same period last year. The second quarter of 2020 was labelled as the worst on record for data breaches.

The Arch Enemy of Enterprise Security – Complexity – How to Simplify IAM

This white paper discusses how businesses can simplify their IAM systems and remove complexity from their security processes.

eGuide | Presented by Arrow ECS

The Gorilla Guide to Enabling Next-Generation VDI

This Gorilla Guide tells businesses everything they need to know about the state of VDI in enterprise and how they can effectively enable it within their organisation.

Extending HCI to More Workloads

As businesses move to more data-centric business models, they are capturing and analyzing more data than ever before. To meet the much faster pace and scale of business in the new “big data” era, CIOs are modernizing IT infrastructure at a rapid rate. As part of this evolution, they are focusing on increasing agility, improving manageability, and better enabling scalability.

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