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Quantum computing / security

Defending quantum-based data with quantum-level security: a UK trial looks to the future

Telecommunications giant BT is testing secure quantum data transmission over a network in what could be a glimpse into the shape of things to come for cybersecurity in a quantum computing world

A man with his head in his hands amid abstract security contruct.

Lessons learned from Nine’s ransomware nightmare

Nine CITO Damian Cronan and group director of IT security Celeste Lowe talk about the cyberattack and what changed at the organisation after.

One avatar is uniquely identified among others at the center of a bullseye in a digital environment.

9 top identity and access management tools

Identity is becoming the new perimeter, and these IAM tools have evolved to help secure assets as organizations rely less on traditional perimeter defenses and move to zero-trust environments.

high voltage power lines

Even with board support, Horizon Power’s CISO was in for a shock

Everything seemed like it was going well for Horizon Power, a Western Australian power supplier that had been actively updating its cybersecurity practices to support a major digital transformation project aiming to tap data-driven...

API security alert / software development / application flow chart diagram

Australian companies face Russian revenge attacks and Chinese expansionism

Western agencies warn of potential Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in retaliation for supporting Ukraine, while Chinese entities appear to be moving away from amateur cyberattacks and espionage to a more coordinated,...

Conceptual binary vault security mechanism.

How ASD plans on spending $9.9 billion on cybersecurity—and find the staff

The Australian Signals Directorate has hundreds of experts ready to go, the secuyrity agency’s director-general says as she dismisses skills-gap concerns.

binary code spanning a world map

How GDPR has inspired a global arms race on privacy regulations

Companies with a global presence face the challenge of achieving compliance with an increasing array of regional data-protection regulations.

Australian Parliament House, Capital Hill, Canberra, Australia

What will the Australian privacy law review deliver?

A looming federal election brings uncertainty over the Australian privacy law review and questions about whether new regulations will align with Europe’s GDPR.

asia fom space night shutterstock 1422245984

The state of privacy regulations across Asia

While GDPR looms large across the Asia-Pacific region, there are significant differences as jurisdictions develop their own national approaches to privacy. There’s also a growing focus on data security in many countries.

Close-up shot of an eye and eyewear with binary streams in the foreground.

Australian CISOs continue to struggle on privacy

New ISACA research shows that Australian organisations—including regulators—can’t find sufficient staff to treat privacy by design as seriously and thoroughly as needed.

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Use zero trust to fight network technical debt

Adopting a zero-trust approach can be the impetus IT teams need to expose technical debt and make sure all network components are capable of enforcing security controls.

Rearview students with hands up teacher in background [students, education, question time]

Helping Australian school kids and teachers learn cybersecurity

Grok Academy’s CyberSteps program has helped train 170,000 Australian students already.

IBM service aims to secure multicloud operations

IBM’s new Unified Key Orchestrator lets customers integrate multiple security key-management systems into a single managed service that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.

australia military shutterstock 1519594076

Australia Labor Party wants a dedicated cybersecurity minister: Would it help?

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine reverberates online, Labor’s “better and smarter” cybersecurity ideas will face a complex cybersecurity reality to better protect Australian businesses.

australia military shutterstock 1519594076

Russia’s Ukraine invasion pushes Aussie CISOs to counter heightened critical-infrastructure threat

Australian businesses are advised to review their security exposure as new legislation progresses—and an increased cyberattack risk looms.

australia elections shutterstock 736415899

Australia’s election officials brace for interference, both foreign and technological

The risk of social-media manipulation exacerbates the fallout from an online-voting disaster.

cso security hack breach identity infiltrate gettyimages 653137674 by solarseven

Anatomy of an Australian ransomware response

Compromise was six months in the making and took three weeks to fix.

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Australian financial-services companies fall short of cybersecurity goals

Companies continue targeting supply-chain risk after two years of little improvement in achieving resilience to attacks.

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