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CSO  >  Botnet  >  Robots amid a blue binary matrix

Botnet attacks on APIs: Why most companies are unprepared

The use of botnets to target applications for illegal and unethical purposes is growing, yet implementation of bot detection tools and best practices lags.

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Australia will finally mandate Essential Eight security compliance

After a spate of cyberattacks and more than three years after a parliamentary review called a mandate “critical”, the federal government is preparing to act.

A hook is cast at laptop email with fishing lures amid abstract data.

4 steps to prevent spear phishing

Your users are in the crosshairs of the best attackers out there. Follow these steps to better protect them.

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AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure: How their security features compare

Each cloud platform differs in the security tools and features it offers customers to help them protect their cloud assets.

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6 minimum security practices to implement before working on best practices

Every Windows network admin can improve their security posture by focusing on these six basic areas.

Ransomware  >  A masked criminal ransoms data for payment.

Australia moving closer to mandatory ransomware disclosure

The JBS ransomware attack on critical infrastructure highlights ‘perilous’ risk to key industries, and government action including but not limited to disclosure mandates are under consideration.

Social engineering / social media security / privacy breach / fraud

How cybercriminals turn ‘harmless’ stolen or leaked data into dollars

By merging data from multiple sources, cybercriminals can build profiles of hacked account owners to enable other attacks or increase the effectiveness of social engineering campaigns.

malware attack

6 most common types of software supply chain attacks explained

Not all software supply chain attacks are the same. Here are the methods attackers currently use to corrupt legitimate software through third parties.

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What CISOs need to know about Australia’s consumer data right

Implementing the CDR is not so easy, initial testers have found, given the high standards imposed on securing consumers’ personal data and the still-early experience in applying them.

access management / access control / user connections / identities

As pandemic hit, MFA protected University of Newcastle’s digital transformation

Several Australian universities have reworked their cybersecurity and access control approaches in response to the rising number of attacks in education.

vulnerable breach cyberattack hacker

How API attacks work, and how to identify and prevent them

Attackers know how to get around WAFs and API gateways when targeting APIs. Here's how some companies are coping with the rapid increase in API attacks.

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8 things CISOs should be thinking about, but probably aren't

CISOs need to cover all the security bases. The problem is, some of the bases are easy to overlook.

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What cloud providers can and can't do to protect your data

Moving data to the cloud requires a sense of shared responsibility for security. Here's how cloud providers protect your data and what you still must do yourself.

SD-WAN  >  The concept of a visual transition from hardware cables to software code.

5 things CISOs want to hear about SASE at the RSA Conference

Organizations are planning for secure access service edge (SASE) but have questions on how to get from their current state to converged, cloud-delivered networking and security. They’ll be looking for answers at RSA.

8 small business security

Australian small businesses under cyberattack: Some help is coming

Small businesses form a large part of the economy, but individually struggle with the skills and tools to fend off a growing surge of cybersecurity risks.

8 getting breached is bad for business

Minimizing damage from a data breach: A checklist

How you respond to a data breach and the amount of damage it causes depends on how well prepared you are. Have you done everything on this list?

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Australian CISO salaries surge on growing cybersecurity demand

CISOs hired at record pace amidst COVID-era spike in security controls.

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Ransomware has put Australia’s hospital cybersecurity on life support

Just as one Australian hospital recovers, another is breached—an all too common story lately.

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