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How SAML works and enables single sign-on

Security assertion markup language (SAML) is an open standard that defines how providers can offer both authentication and authorization services. Here's what you need to know.

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What is SSL? How SSL certificates enable encrypted communication

SSL and its descendent, TLS, are protocols that encrypt internet traffic, making secure internet communication and ecommerce possible.

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How to prevent sideloading attacks in Windows and Office 365

A few settings in Windows or Office 365 can help stop users from installing malicious apps on their devices.

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Microsoft Defender for Business | What security admins need to know

The new Microsoft Defender for Business makes important Windows security features more available to small businesses.

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How to configure Microsoft Defender for cloud-based attacks

Malware delivered through cloud services such as OneDrive or SharePoint will try to disable and evade Defender. These simple settings will help prevent that.

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How to hack a phone: 7 common attack methods explained

Mobile security often beats PCs, but users can still be fooled and smartphones can still be hacked. Here’s what you need to watch for.

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Reviewing software risks on your Windows network

Set aside some time to inventory and analyze the software and settings on your network to identify risks.

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How to mitigate the Microsoft MSHTML remote code execution zero-day

A new zero-day vulnerability allows attackers to gain network access through Microsoft 365 documents. Here’s how to stop it.

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How SMBs should select a security-savvy managed service provider

SMBs typically outsource some or all their IT services to an MSP. Here’s how to find one that takes security seriously.

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How to improve Windows 10 security on PCs that can’t run Windows 11

Most businesses will have some PCs that they can’t update to Windows 11. Here’s how to keep those PCs from being a security weak link.

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What Windows admins need to know about computer forensics

Understand these basic elements of computer forensics before you have to review log data for suspicious activity.

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Best Windows network hardening advice from MITRE D3FEND

The new MITRE D3FEND knowledge graph of cybersecurity countermeasures offers solid guidance for Windows admins.

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Windows 11 | Hardware requirements for security features

Here’s what your systems need before you can take advantage of Windows 11’s security features, and how to upgrade where possible.

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How to check for Active Directory Certificate Services misconfigurations

Recently discovered Microsoft Windows AD CS configuration errors could give attackers account and domain control. Here's how to audit AD CS for vulnerable configurations.

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Tabletop exercises: Six sample scenarios

Tabletop exercises are a low-stress, high-impact way to test your plans for handling a crisis. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the process, plus six scenarios you can use to start your journey.

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How to test the impact of new Windows DCOM Server authentication

Microsoft has hardened authentication for its DCOM Server in response to a vulnerability. Check for the impact on your network now before the change becomes permanent.

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Eliminate compromised and weak passwords

A single compromised password allowed attackers access to Colonial Pipeline’s network. Chaos ensued. This advice will help you avoid that fate.

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Minimum vs. best Windows network security practices

Before you worry about implementing the “best” security practices, make sure you’re doing these minimum practices.

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