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How Salvation Army Australia’s CISO moved away from ‘extreme risk’

The Salvation Army Australia had started its move towards cyberresilience before hiring Lachlan McGill, which helped him make cybersecurity and SOC investments a dialogue, not a plea.

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Top cybersecurity M&A deals for 2022

The hot cybersecurity mergers and acquisition market continues into 2022 as vendors look to solidify their positions and expand their offerings.

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Palo Alto debuts Unit 42 team for managed detection and response

Live expert service builds on Palo Alto’s Cortex extended detection and response (XDR) platform provide, offering a managed detection and response (MDR) team for more personalized cybersecurity management and incident response.


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Microsoft boosts threat intelligence with new Defender programs

Drawing from its acquisition of RiskIQ, Microsoft is releasing Defender External Attack Surface Management and Defender Threat Intelligence.

Delivering frictionless customer experiences while safeguarding data security

Kisume, 175 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

During this roundtable, you will have the opportunity to discuss how to enhance your customers’ experience across all channels while keeping their personal data as secure. We will focus on customer identity and access management (CIAM) and the avenues available to create frictionless experiences. The discussion will include but not be limited to: Why CIOs, CISOs, and technology leaders are taking on a heightened role in shaping the digital customer experience > Effectively managing the relationship between data security and the Consumer Data Right (CDR) > Effective techniques for leveraging customer identity and orchestration to foster collaboration > How to optimise security for users without sacrificing the convenience they expect > Best practices for streamlining the digital experience to deliver business impact and effective ways to measure success > The pursuit of passwordless authentication methods

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11 stakeholder strategies for red team success

These best practices will help ensure a successful red team exercise by getting all the stakeholders on the same page.

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Thoma Bravo snares Ping Identity in $2.8 billion go-private deal

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo announced plans to purchase IAM (identity and access management) provider Ping Identity, its latest in a lengthy line of security-focused mergers and acquisitions.

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Qualys adds external attack management capability to cloud security platform

Integration of EASM (external attack surface management) into Qualys CSAM (cybersecurity asset management) offers enterprises continuous discovery and classification of both internal and external assets.

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Tips to prevent RDP and other remote attacks on Microsoft networks

Microsoft is deploying new features and defaults to help keep threat actors from remotely accessing networks, but you can do more.

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Axis adds automation, onboarding features to Atmos ZTNA network access software

Axis is also offering migration tools and a buyback program for those looking to move from legacy ZTNA (zero trust network access) applications.


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Opsera’s GitCustodian detects vulnerable data in source code

The DevOps orchestration vendor’s new SaaS offering scans source code repositories for sensitive data and alerts teams to prevent that data leaking into production.

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Why UnionDigital Bank invests in an AI-driven approach to cybersecurity

UnionDigital Bank’s CISO Dominic Grunden and CDO Dr. David R. Hardoon lift the lid on why the new digital bank has fully embraced an AI-focused approach to cybersecurity.

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How OpenSSF Scorecards can help to evaluate open-source software risks

Scorecards automatically generates a score for open-source projects based on potential vulnerabilities and dependencies.

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Traceable AI adds eBPF to security platform for deeper API observability and visibility

API security firm says eBPF will be used to map the API attack surface area of customers, addressing key API security challenges.

Networking cables viewed through a magnifying lens reveal a data breach.

Average cost of data breaches hits record high of $4.35 million: IBM

Healthcare organizations saw average cost per breach at $10.1 million, more than double the global average.