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Never trust always verify

Over the last five years, the number of data security breaches worldwide has risen 67 percent and with it, the cost of cyber-crime has alarmingly climbed 72 percent. Threats have become more complex and sophisticated as businesses...

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Zero Trust – Demystified

Everyone seems to be talking about Zero Trust in the security world at the moment.  Unfortunately there seems to be multiple definitions of this depending on which vendor you ask!  To help others understand what Zero Trust is, I...

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Every day should be Data Privacy Day – but especially today

Companies must own the privacy conversation by helping users protect what little privacy they still have left


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Aussie police usage of new anti-encryption laws is on the rise

Australian law enforcement didn't widely use new powers under the late-2018 Assistance and Access Act in the first half of 2019, but usage more than doubled in the second half of 2019.

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Implementation flaws make LoRaWAN networks vulnerable to attack

New report from IOActive details implementation errors that expose LoRaWAN networks to attack and provides a framework for mitigating the risk.

Computerworld - Scary Tech [Slide-05] - Encryption systems with backdoors

Securing the IoT is a nightmare

Currently, we have over 26-billion IoT devices running in our workplaces, offices and homes. If you're looking for an IoT security scorecard, it looks something like this: Security Threats: 26,000,000,000, IoT Secure Devices: 0.

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The 9 Windows Server security settings you need to get right

With all the improvements Microsoft has made in Windows and Windows Server, it’s time to evaluate whether your security settings are as effective as they could be.

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Australian companies struggling to fill cybersecurity positions

Faced with constant reports of serious breaches and an increasing need to secure critical data and systems, many Australian businesses are finding it almost impossible to hire sufficient cybersecurity professionals. Competitive...

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Counter-hacking: Globally offensive, or worth a go?

Cybersecurity budgets in Asia are growing fast – more than 25% per annum in China, and around 20% per annum in parts of South-East Asia. And that’s a welcome sign, because the array and volume of threats faced by businesses both...

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How machine learning can secure corporate data in the Cloud

As organisations move growing volumes of data to the cloud, cyber security strategies need to be augmented with next-generation machine learning technologies in order to boost threat-protection capabilities. The shift to...


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Magecart-related arrests made in Indonesia

The three individuals arrested represent only a small portion of the Magecart web-skimming group, but the investigation is ongoing.

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Why manipulation campaigns are the biggest threat facing the 2020 election

This era of political espionage is rooted in manipulative ads, fake news articles and other forms of digital content. It's one of the nation’s greatest threats, especially as we approach the 2020 presidential election.

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Cybersecurity Snippets

5 ways to cope with the cybersecurity skills shortage (that don't involve hiring)

Unable to hire their way out of cybersecurity staffing problems, CISOs are turning to process automation, advanced analytics, and third-party services, among other methods.

Conceptual illustration of the convergence of disparate technology threads in a digital environment.

Closing the security gap in OT/IT convergence

End-to-end security between converging information technology and operational technology worlds is imperative, but technical and cultural differences separate them. Here’s how to close the gap.

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Citrix races out more patches to fix critical bug, plus a free detection tool

The detection tool however won’t detect all compromises.