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Safeguarding essential infrastructure from attacks in a digitised world: why Australian utilities need to put cyber-security on the agenda in 2020

The extraordinary life of operational infrastructure in utilities means that many devices that were never designed to be accessible from an IP network are now vulnerable to external attacks And even new systems like the Siemens...

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Microsoft accidentally exposed 250 million customer support records online

Even Microsoft isn’t immune to security blunders due to misconfigured databases.  Microsoft today revealed it had briefly exposed its internal customer support database on the web, potentially giving anyone access to over 250...

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How to implement Windows 7, Server 2008 security updates after end-of-life

Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, but you can purchase extended security updates. Here's what you need to do to implement them.


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What is a buffer overflow? And how hackers exploit these vulnerabilities

A buffer overflow or overrun is a memory safety issue where a program does not properly check the boundaries of an allocated fixed-length memory buffer and writes more data than it can hold. This causes data to overflow to adjacent...

CSO Exectutive Sessions
CSO Executive Sessions

Episode 1: Tracking privacy from a risk standpoint

Podcast Episode 1: Listen now as Ken Foster, head of global cyber risk governance at First Data, discusses how privacy now carries with it a risk weight that has to be part of every conversation around policies and standards. But...

New Google Chromebooks to get 8 years of security and feature updates

As Microsoft kills off free Windows 7 support, Google has announced that all new Chrome OS-based Chromebooks from 2020 and beyond will get eight years of security and feature updates.  Google announced the increased support...

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What the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill means for data protection and the GDPR

Boris Johnson's Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) largely leaves existing data protection regulation in place, but changes are still possible.

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Citrix issues ADC patch amid new attacks, pushes forward more patches

US enterprise virtualization firm Citrix has shipped patches for a critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited and accelerated additional patches for other affected products.  The first round of patches arrives amid...

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Welcome to Insider Pro

For more than 50 years, IDG has earned the trust of its readers with authoritative coverage of the technology industry. Insider Pro is the natural evolution of the insightful coverage our publications have produced for decades.

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How Adobe monitors cloud deployments to control shadow IT

Keeping an eye on your cloud deployments is key to preventing yet another data breach. Adobe's MAVLink program does just that.


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Data on the rise: 4 new challenges security must master

Data is information security's bread and butter, but the rise of data brings both new challenges and new opportunities. To meet them, security needs to change its relationship with data.

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Why we need to help users be better protected at home?

You have a great security platform, well harden systems, regular updates regime and a very effective security awareness program with both classroom-style training and online training for your users. You are smashing it and making...

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The week in security: Digging in for a more-secure 2020

Now that you’re probably back to work and stuck in annual planning meetings, you’ll be thinking a lot about your key priorities – and, indeed, about just what cybersecurity is – to ensure that you improve your cybersecurity...

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Technology can do more than make life easier. It can make us all better people.

At its most basic level, the purpose of technology is to make life easier. Despite the occasional frustrations we all experience, there is little doubt it does so. But what is often overlooked is the impact it can have on our...

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Defining identity and trust in today’s digital world

While the concept of ‘identity’ has become a critical element in an increasingly digital world, defining exactly what it is remains an ongoing challenge. This is odd because when it comes to effective cybersecurity, having a valid...