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Citrix issues ADC patch amid new attacks, pushes forward more patches

US enterprise virtualization firm Citrix has shipped patches for a critical vulnerability that is being actively exploited and accelerated additional patches for other affected products.  The first round of patches arrives amid...

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How Adobe monitors cloud deployments to control shadow IT

Keeping an eye on your cloud deployments is key to preventing yet another data breach. Adobe's MAVLink program does just that.

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Data on the rise: 4 new challenges security must master

Data is information security's bread and butter, but the rise of data brings both new challenges and new opportunities. To meet them, security needs to change its relationship with data.


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Why we need to help users be better protected at home?

You have a great security platform, well harden systems, regular updates regime and a very effective security awareness program with both classroom-style training and online training for your users. You are smashing it and making...

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The week in security: Digging in for a more-secure 2020

Now that you’re probably back to work and stuck in annual planning meetings, you’ll be thinking a lot about your key priorities – and, indeed, about just what cybersecurity is – to ensure that you improve your cybersecurity...

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Technology can do more than make life easier. It can make us all better people.

At its most basic level, the purpose of technology is to make life easier. Despite the occasional frustrations we all experience, there is little doubt it does so. But what is often overlooked is the impact it can have on our...

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Defining identity and trust in today’s digital world

While the concept of ‘identity’ has become a critical element in an increasingly digital world, defining exactly what it is remains an ongoing challenge. This is odd because when it comes to effective cybersecurity, having a valid...

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3 reasons you can’t fight facial recognition

The biometric backlash is but a brief blip. Resistance is futile. You WILL be identified. But is that good or bad?

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What is information security? Definition, principles, and jobs

Information security is a set of practices intended to keep data secure from unauthorized access or alterations. Here's a broad look at the policies, principles, and people used to protect data.

Microsoft’s offers Application Inspector to probe untrusted open source code

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Application Inspector, an open source .NET Core command-line tool for Windows, Linux and macOS that developers can use to analyze third-party open source software components for newly added...


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Infrastructure cyberattacks pose a clear and present danger in 2020 and beyond: WEF

Impact of cybersecurity attacks, data theft eclipsed only by climate change, weather


Why multicloud security is your next big challenge

Companies deploy an average of three to five different cloud services. With an increased emphasis on security and regulatory compliance, the capability to manage these disparate systems is crucial.

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Vulnerability management requires good people and patching skills

Multinational construction materials maker LafargeHolcim focuses hard on patching to prevent potential exploits further down the line.

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What's ahead for digital identity in 2020?

Events of the past year have set up big changes for digital identity in 2020. Here's recap of what happened and what to expect this year.

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Increasing cyber threats will force organisations to embrace cloud security in 2020

For most organisations, cloud computing offers better security than they could have ever imagined having on premise. With increasing cybersecurity threats and attacks more organisations will embrace cloud security in 2020 and make...