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Hackers hold city of Augusta hostage in a ransomware attack

The ransomware group has released 10GB of sample data from the cyberattack on the US city of Augusta and claimed they have a lot more data available.

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New phishing technique poses as a browser-based file archiver

The new technique has a hacker simulate an archiving software in the web browser to trick the victim as he tries to access a .zip domain.

CSO Future of Digital Infrastructure Summit

ICC Sydney

CIO and CSO's Future of Digital Infrastructure Summit is the must-attend event for enterprises looking to compete on the global stage for operational agility and effectiveness in today’s digital world. FDI will bring together the Australian leaders in ICT, Digital, Data and Technology to share real experiences in business transformation and the practical insights required to evolve and stay ahead during uncertainty.


CSO Future of Security Summit

ICC Sydney

From ransomware to nation-wide attacks, phishing, and system hacks, security exploits can hobble an organisation and put its reputation at risk. Join APAC’s top CISOs and IT Security leaders to tackle these issues, offer actionable advice and identify how the latest technologies can protect against emerging threats to enhance enterprise resilience.

SustainTech - The roadmap to a low carbon future in technology


Join key decision-makers within Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) that have the power to affect real change and drive sustainable practices. SustainTech will bridge the gap between ambition and tangible action, promoting strategies that attendees can use in their day-to-day operations within their business.

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Inactive accounts pose significant account takeover security risks

Inactive accounts that haven’t been accessed for extended periods are more likely to be compromised due to password reuse and lack of multifactor authentication.

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Microsoft links attacks on American critical infrastructure systems to China

The Chinese nation-state actor has been actively conducting espionage and information-gathering attacks on American systems since mid-2021.

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Attributes of a mature cyber-threat intelligence program

Mature cyber-threat intelligence programs follow a lifecycle and provide tactical, operational, and strategic value. Many enterprise organizations aren't even close.

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6 ways generative AI chatbots and LLMs can enhance cybersecurity

Generative AI chatbots and large language models can be a double-edged swords from a risk perspective, but with proper use they can also improve cybersecurity in key ways

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SMBs and regional MSPs are increasingly targeted by state-sponsored APT groups

Research shows a shift toward advanced persistent threat actors compromising smaller organization, in part to enable other attacks.


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New hyperactive phishing campaign uses SuperMailer templates: Report

Network security firm Cofense was able to identify a code trace in phishing emails that revealed SuperMailer abuse in the attacks.

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US sanctions four North Korean entities for global cyberattacks

North Korean hackers stole more virtual currency in 2022 than in any previous year, with estimates ranging from $630 million to over $1 billion — reportedly doubling Pyongyang’s total cybertheft proceeds in 2021.

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CyberArk’s enterprise browser promises zero-trust support, policy management

The identity security vendor is set to launch an enterprise browser in response to increasing post-MFA attacks on session cookies.

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Credential harvesting tool Legion targets additional cloud services

Threat actors now use Legion to steal AWS-specific credentials from web servers to enable email and SMS spam campaigns.

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Former Uber CSO Joe Sullivan and lessons learned from the infamous 2016 Uber breach

Will Joe Sullivan’s conviction for obstruction in the reporting of the 2016 Uber privacy breach send a chill through the cybersecurity profession? Sullivan tells CSOs he’s worried it just might.