Inactive, unmaintained Salesforce sites vulnerable to threat actors

Research highlights the risks posed by inactive Salesforce sites that continue to pull sensitive business data and can be easily exploited by malicious actors.


Trellix, Netskope announce new Amazon Security Lake support to enhance threat detection, remediation

Trellix expands XDR support for Amazon Security Lake while Netskope integrates its SSE platform with AWS’ centralized security data service.

CSO Future of Digital Infrastructure Summit

ICC Sydney

CIO and CSO's Future of Digital Infrastructure Summit is the must-attend event for enterprises looking to compete on the global stage for operational agility and effectiveness in today’s digital world. FDI will bring together the Australian leaders in ICT, Digital, Data and Technology to share real experiences in business transformation and the practical insights required to evolve and stay ahead during uncertainty.


CSO Future of Security Summit

ICC Sydney

From ransomware to nation-wide attacks, phishing, and system hacks, security exploits can hobble an organisation and put its reputation at risk. Join APAC’s top CISOs and IT Security leaders to tackle these issues, offer actionable advice and identify how the latest technologies can protect against emerging threats to enhance enterprise resilience.

SustainTech - The roadmap to a low carbon future in technology


Join key decision-makers within Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) that have the power to affect real change and drive sustainable practices. SustainTech will bridge the gap between ambition and tangible action, promoting strategies that attendees can use in their day-to-day operations within their business.

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Phishing remained the top identity abuser in 2022: IDSA report

The survey revealed phishing as the most common identity-related incident in 2022, with “emails” as the most popular type.

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AI-automated malware campaigns coming soon, says Mikko Hyppönen

The industry pioneer also expects cybersecurity to remain a growth business for years and sees Russian hacktivists as demoralizing European infosec teams.

Multifactor authentication  >  Mobile phone verification of a permission request for laptop login.

Frontegg launches entitlements engine to streamline access authorization

Frontegg’s new entitlement engine will be powered by context-aware logic controls (CALC) technology to effect context-based, fine-grained authorization controls.

Can your employer spy on your iPhone or Android phone?

Screen recording Android app found to be spying on users

iRecorder was a legitimate app made available on Google Play Store in September 2021. A remote access trojan AhRat was most likely added to it a year later.

A man and woman sit on opposite sides of an office desk, in discussion.

Upskilling the non-technical: finding cyber certification and training for internal hires

A shortage of cybersecurity talent in the market? The solution could be close to home — upskilling and re-skilling non-technical employees. Here are some programs to help make them job-ready.


12 ransomware

Hackers hold city of Augusta hostage in a ransomware attack

The ransomware group has released 10GB of sample data from the cyberattack on the US city of Augusta and claimed they have a lot more data available.

A hook is cast at laptop email with fishing lures amid abstract data.

New phishing technique poses as a browser-based file archiver

The new technique has a hacker simulate an archiving app in the web browser to trick victims as they try to access a .zip domain.

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Insider risk management: Where your program resides shapes its focus

Choosing which department should be responsible for protecting an organization from threats from within isn’t always straightforward.

Electricity grid

Researchers find new ICS malware toolkit designed to cause electric power outages

Mandiant recommends threat-hunting steps to detect COSMICENERGY despite no confirmed attacks in the wild.

VMware: Why CISOs Are Looking to Lateral Security to Mitigate Ransomware

How to check for new exploits in real time? VulnCheck has an answer

VulnCheck’s new database tracks exploits for fresh vulnerabilities in real time and allows for search using CVE IDs.