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6 ways to be more secure in the cloud

If you rely on multiple or hybrid cloud environments to support business processes, you need to be as vigilant protecting data and applications as when they resided on premises.

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How to protect your network from web shell malware

Attackers are using web shells to mimic legitimate files on web servers and infect them with malware. Here’s how to prevent it.

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10 tips for a secure browsing experience

Your browser is one of the easiest ways for malware to penetrate your network. Here are 10 ways to practice safe surfing in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

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4 tips for protecting users from COVID-19-targeted attacks

Remote users in particular are vulnerable to coronavirus-themed phishing attempts, malicious domains, and repurposed malware. Protect them with these basic steps.

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How attackers exploit the COVID crisis to compromise your network

Targeted phishing attempts and updated malware are creating havoc for Windows admins in a hard time. Here are some tips to minimize the damage.

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How to minimize the risks of split tunnel VPNs

Split tunnel virtual private networks have some advantages for supporting remote workers connecting to a Windows network, but they come with risks. Here's how to best protect your network.

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How to securely set up split-tunnel VPNs

Some organizations are setting up split-tunnel virtual private networks to allow remote workers to connect to a Windows network. Follow these steps to minimize security risks.

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How to check your Windows network for vulnerabilities

If you've made significant changes to your network to support remote workers, it's time to review what you've done to make sure everything is locked down.

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How to review network settings for vulnerabilities

Organizations that have been forced to make rapid changes to their Windows networks should take the time to review settings to make sure no doors were left open for attackers.

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5 steps to create a security incident response plan

Creating an incident response plan can seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to break the process down into manageable pieces. (Plus: Video on how to create a pandemic disaster recovery plan.)

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How to lock down Remote Desktop Protocol servers

Make sure you've made all the proper settings to secure remote desktop protocol (RDP) to best protect your Windows network when supporting remote workers.

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How to make Remote Desktop Protocol more secure

Many organizations are using Microsoft’s RDP to set up remote workers. Use these tweaks to better protect those connections.

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The trouble with 2fa

With a large percentage of your workforce now working remotely, two-factor authentication (2fa) can make them (or your company data) safer online. But how you're doing it now probably isn't helping much at all.

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What security and IT admins need to know about Microsoft Threat Protection

Microsoft Threat Protection can help admins monitor and secure much of a Windows network, but licensing requirements are confusing.

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How to prepare Microsoft Office and Windows for ransomware and email attacks

You've set up your remote workers during this COVID-19 crisis, but have you made the adjustments to be prepared for a cyber disaster like a ransomware attack?

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Security School: Enroll today and advance your tech career

Insider Pro and CertsNexus have created a virtual classroom where subscribers can learn and test their cybersecurity readiness.

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How the COVID-19 crisis impacts Windows security

Microsoft and Google are pausing Windows and Chrome updates, and Microsoft is offering remote access technology and advice.

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Don’t let the coronavirus make you a home office security risk

Congratulations. You're now the chief security officer of your company’s newest branch office: Your home. Here's how to manage your new job.

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