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Silobreaker unveils new geopolitical cyber threat intelligence capabilities

Jun 22, 20233 mins
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Silobreaker integrates RANE geopolitical intelligence to warn security teams of world events that could heighten the risk of cyberattacks.

Security and threat intelligence company Silobreaker has announced new geopolitical threat intelligence capabilities with RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange). The tie-up will see Silobreaker integrate global risk intelligence company RANE's enterprise geopolitical intelligence into its own platform, providing cyber threat intelligence teams with real-time information about world events that could heighten the risk of cyberattacks.

The integration, announced at Infosecurity Europe 2023 in London, will provide context into highly complex, interconnected events, allowing teams to take proactive steps to reduce their organizations' exposure to risks impacting business productivity, resiliency, and continuity, Silobreaker said.

The release comes amid an increasing blurring of the lines between geopolitical events and cyber activity, significantly heightened by factors such as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, political conflicts, and nation-state cyber campaigns.

Integration provides "early warning system" of geopolitical-linked cyber threats

Users will be able to seamlessly access RANE reports, country risk scores, and the full resources of Silobreaker's data source-agnostic platform, the firm said. This will help teams retrieve RANE's geopolitical intelligence and pivot between it and other finished intelligence sources, or data from millions of open and dark web sources, to contextualize results and meet complex intelligence requirements, Silobreaker added. Features include automated data collection and customizable dashboards.

"In recent years, there's been a blurring of the lines between geopolitical events and cyber activity," said Kristofer Mansson, CEO of Silobreaker. "Today, if you want to defend against the latter, you absolutely need to know about the former. With RANE's geopolitical threat intelligence integrated into our platform, organizations have access to an early warning system of the events that cross over with the most pressing current cyber threats - emphasizing the importance of multi-disciplinary intelligence for mitigating the most serious risks."

Organizations warned of significant cyberspace conflict amid Russia-Ukraine war

Last September, the head of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Lindy Cameron, urged UK organizations and Ukraine's allies to prepare for Russian cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure. She cited a "very significant conflict in cyberspace - probably the most sustained and intensive cyber campaign on record - with the Russian State launching a series of major cyberattacks in support of their illegal invasion [of Ukraine]."

Meanwhile, a Forrester report revealed the extent to which the cyber impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict has expanded beyond the conflict zone with malware attacks propagating into European entities. "Russian hackers use advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sensitive data infiltration to gain advantage. About a quarter of total investigated intrusion attacks were identified as successful, and Russian adversaries exfiltrated strategic information, but this number might be underestimating the Russian threat," the report read.

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