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UK NCSC announces closure of CCP cyber certification scheme

Jun 05, 20232 mins

CCP applications to close from June 30 as UK cybersecurity sector prepares for introduction of new chartered titles.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has announced the closure of the country’s Certified Cyber Professional (CCP) scheme to new applicants from June 30. Current CCP certifications will remain valid until they expire as the sector prepares for the launch of new chartered titles following a successful pilot by the UK Cyber Security Council, who took over running of the CCP scheme in 2022.

The CCP scheme was developed by the NCSC and has been awarded to those who demonstrate their sustained ability to apply cybersecurity skills, knowledge, and expertise in real-world situations. The CCP has been a component of the NCSC’s wider work around identifying the knowledge needed to become a cybersecurity specialist, quality university courses, and organisations with the levels of specialist expertise to manage cybersecurity risks.

The UK Cyber Security Council has launched several schemes in the last several months as part of its efforts to introduce a professional standard for the UK cybersecurity sector across 16 specialisms. The chartership title has been piloted for the Governance and Risk Management, and Secure System Architecture and Design specialisms, with full titles to be launched in late July.

UK businesses should review, update career development, recruitment procedures

Organisations who have adopted CCP as part of their career development and recruitment processes should now take steps to review the procedures and update them to reflect the new UK Cyber Security Council Chartership Titles as they become available, the NCSC wrote. The same requirement is applicable to UK government contracts, it added.

Individuals who apply and pay fees for CCP certification before the close date will still be able to undertake a maximum of two attempts at their case study requirement (should a second attempt be required), but the latest expiry date for certifications will be 31 December 2026, the NCSC said. “There will be no extensions to certification beyond this date. CCP certifications will continue to be recognised until the last ones through the scheme expire in December 2026.”

UK security professionals told CSO last year that a chartered standard for cybersecurity will significantly benefit UK companies and the wider sector, as long as it is relevant and kept up to date.

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