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Malwarebytes releases Mobile Security for OneView to secure Chromebooks, Android, iOS devices

May 09, 20233 mins
Anti MalwareGenerative AIManaged Service Providers

Mobile security features for MSPs include anti-malware and malicious app protection.

Endpoint security vendor Malwarebytes has announced the release of Mobile Security for OneView to enable managed service providers (MSPs) to protect Chromebooks, Android, and iOS devices against mobile threats such as ransomware and malicious apps. MSPs can now use the Malwarebytes OneView platform to monitor their customers’ mobile phones and tablets alongside their servers, workstations, and laptops, the firm said. They can prevent accidental access to harmful websites, safeguard against malicious apps, block unwanted in-app ads, and enable a secure mobile experience for their customers, according to Malwarebytes.

Mobile devices are rife across modern businesses, with smartphones and tablets rich targets for exploitation and cyberattacks. Nearly half of organizations have been subject to a security incident involving a phone or tablet that led to data loss, downtime, or another negative outcome, according to the Verizon 2022 Mobile Security Index. Malware, social engineering, data leakage, and Wi-Fi interference are among the many mobile security risks organizations face, while novel technologies such as generative AI are predicted to create new opportunities for cybercriminals to target mobile devices.

Anti-malware, malicious app protection among mobile security features

Malwarebytes Mobile Security allows MSP teams to centrally view activity across Chromebooks, Android, and iOS devices in real time, monitoring and protecting customers’ mobile investments, and understanding and mitigating their mobile device risks, Malwarebytes said in a press release. Key features include:

  • Real-time threat protection against emerging threats for Chromebook, Android, and iOS
  • Advanced antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware protection for Chromebook and Android
  • Malicious app protection and app privacy audit for Chromebook and Android
  • Safe web browsing and ad blocking/tracking for iOS

Malwarebytes Mobile Security also provides pre-built sales and marketing kits including sales briefs, messaging guides, and social media posts for businesses offering mobile security-as-a-service.

Malicious apps a top mobile security threat, AI to embolden attacks

Malicious apps that appear legitimate are cited as one of the top mobile security risks in McAfee’s 2023 Consumer Mobile Threat Report. Cybercriminals are getting better at sneaking their apps into stores, often using encryption to hide malicious code from reviewers or building in delays so malicious content only shows up after passing security tests, according to the report. Some apps download additional malicious code after installation, while cybercriminals can infect legitimate apps by putting their code in third-party code libraries.

Mobile security threats are predicted to be emboldened by emerging technology like OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot and DALL-E 2 AI image generator in 2023, according to McAfee’s mobile threat research team. Phishing scams, misinformation, and deepfakes are all likely to become more sophisticated and believable.

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