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Shweta Sharma
Senior Writer

Israeli cybersecurity firm launches managed services offering for MSPs

Apr 03, 20232 mins
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Guardz’ new cybersecurity tools are aimed at helping managed service providers streamline cybersecurity offerings for their small and mid-size business clients.

Israel-based managed cybersecurity provider Guardz has announced the general availability of its first cybersecurity offering for managed service providers (MSP) and IT professionals.

“The launch of this dedicated MSP platform brings Guardz one step closer to our goal of democratizing enterprise-grade level cybersecurity technologies,” said Dor Eisner, co-founder and CEO of Guardz. “MSPs will be able to give their clients the confidence that their business is secure from the inside out and gain complete visibility into their users’ cyber posture.”

Guardz’ namesake offering comes shortly after the company exited stealth in January with $10 million in seed funding. Company co-founder Eisner previously worked at the Israeli Military Intelligence as a cybersecurity team lead, while the other co-founder Alon Lavi was a staff sergeant at Israel Defense Forces before starting Guardz.

Guardz backs MSPs with a new toolkit

The new SaaS-based solution can be licensed by MSPs and is designed to help them streamline services for their small and mid-size business customers with a suite of cybersecurity tools. The capabilities featured on the platform include threat detection and remediation across the external (internet-facing) and internal surfaces for business data, employee identities, cloud apps, web browsing, emails, and devices, with real-time risk and action alerts.

“Instead of having to manage many complex solutions, including some that require very technical security expertise and are very expensive, Guardz bakes it all into one,” Eisner said. “In doing so, we’re enabling MSPs to protect small businesses cost-effectively at scale.”

Guardz runs Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace integrations to allow for easy onboarding and connection of MSP clients’ IT environments. The offering features a multi-tenant dashboard for MSPs to manage customers’ cyber posture, subscription plans, and remediation from a single point.

The new offering also comes with an automated risk assessment report that MSPs can use to generate a consistent image of their client’s security posture. This feature, according to the company, can also be used for prospecting newer clients by generating on-demand reports that compare prospective clients’ vulnerability levels to industry benchmarks in seconds, demonstrating immediate MSP value by assessing attack attempts, alert remediation, and employee security posture.

Guardz MSP is generally available to MSPs who can license it on a commission basis. It is also available to small-scale business owners who will be serviced by a Guardz MSP partner based on their geographic location.