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UK Cyber Security Council announces inaugural Thought Leadership working group

Mar 29, 20232 mins
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The UK Cyber Security Council is looking for applicants from academia, education, and industry to join the working group and help shape the UK’s cybersecurity industry.

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The UK Cyber Security Council has announced the launch of its inaugural Thought Leadership working group. The council – the self-regulatory body for the UK’s cybersecurity profession – said the working group will be critical in helping it shape the direction of the industry and will contribute critical sector knowledge, enabling innovation and thought leadership.

Applications are now open. It will recruit candidates from the UK Cyber Security Council’s membership in this cycle of applications, though it may also consider applications from relevant non-members if skills gaps are identified, it said. The announcement follows the launch of the council’s new affiliate membership options for existing and prospective members, along with its work towards establishing a universally recognised, professional standard for the UK cybersecurity sector to provide professionals the opportunity to achieve chartered status across 16 specialisms.

Working group will help drive progress, innovation in UK cybersecurity

The council said the working group will aim to:

  • Enable the council to act as the voice of the UK cybersecurity profession.
  • Drive progress and innovate thinking towards helping meet the key challenges for the industry.
  • Amplify the issues faced by individuals and businesses.
  • Collaborate with core council working groups.
  • Establish relationships with key stakeholders, both in the UK and internationally.
  • Inform developments in government policy and activities.

The council is looking for applicants from cybersecurity, academia, education, and industry professionals who demonstrate any of the following:

  • A passion and interest in the UK Cyber Security Council’s vision, mission, and values
  • The ability to work collaboratively, in an open and welcoming manner, as part of a diverse team with differing opinions and perspectives, whilst achieving key objectives
  • Knowledge and commitment to diversity of thought
  • Experience/knowledge of existing cyber thought leadership
  • Relevant knowledge of technical terms and cybersecurity processes
  • The ability to communicate with a variety of audiences, of differing technical ability
  • An enthusiasm for achieving the council’s commitment to act as the voice of the UK cybersecurity profession

Successful candidates will be expected to commit to the working group from April 2023 to April 2025, providing approximately five to ten hours of their time per month to a combination of virtual/in-person meetings and background research/reading. Applications close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 7, with successful candidates informed by April 24.

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