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Universal database of device vulnerability information launched

Aug 17, 20222 mins
Internet of ThingsNetwork Security

DeviceTotal's new repository includes security data for all devices on the market with the aim to better mitigate vulnerabilities.

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A universal database of agentless devices currently being used on enterprise networks has been announced by DeviceTotal. The new repository allows the company’s customers to identify the accurate security posture for each device in their organization, according to the maker of a security platform for connected devices.

“It’s difficult to get information on agentless devices because every vendor publishes their data the way they want to do it,” explains DeviceTotal founder and CEO Carmit Yadin. “There’s no standardization. There’s no one place you can go today and identify the risk of a device on your network or that you want to purchase. That’s why we created this repository.”

According to the company, the new structured database is the only crowdsourced repository in the market that holds security posture and risk information for all devices and their impact on different networks, industries and workflows.

Repository helps with vulnerability, mitigation advice

“Our universal repository includes data that no one else has today,” Yadin maintains. DeviceTotal can use that information to make recommendations for mitigation of vulnerabilities in devices on a customer’s network. Once customers know the degree of risk devices pose to their organizations, they can make intelligent decisions about allocating resources to mitigate those risks, she adds. “We can advise them on what is the best approach and what they will gain by any activity they will do,” she says.

DeviceTotal can also create analytics based on their customers’ interaction with the repository. “It’s like Waze,” Yadin observes. “We know where they’re going. We know their problems. We know what’s common in what industries.”

Those analytics are then used to generate reports on industry verticals within the company’s customer base. “We show them how they’re doing compared to others in their industries,” Yadin says. She predicts that in the future, connected devices will be everywhere. “It’s going to be a huge security challenge.” 

john_mello jr

John Mello writes on technology and cyber security for a number of online publications and is former managing editor of the Boston Business Journal and Boston Phoenix. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packad's marketing website TechBeacon.

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