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Shweta Sharma
Senior Writer

PIXM releases new computer vision solution for mobile phishing

May 25, 20222 mins

PIXM Mobile uses computer vision tech to identify and stop phishing attacks on mobile devices in real time, as a user clicks on a malicious link.

SMS phishing / smishing  >  Mobile phone displays text bubble with skull + crossbones
Credit: Jane Kelly / SPainter VFX / Getty Images

Computer vision cybersecurity startup PIXM has expanded its line of antiphishing products with the launch of PIXM Mobile, a solution to protect individuals and enterprises from targeted and unknown phishing attacks on mobile devices.

The cloud-based mobile product is aimed at identifying phishing attacks on mobile devices in real time, as a user clicks on a malicious link, using computer vision technology.

PIXM Mobile is designed to support any mobile application, including SMS — used in “smishing” attacks — social media, and business collaboration apps, as well as email and web-based phishing pages.

“Our mission at PIXM is to stop phishing attacks at the point of click with next-generation artificial intelligence, protecting users no matter which platforms or applications they are using,” said Chris Cleveland, founder and CEO, PIXM, in a press release. “The future of work communication is through social applications and mobile devices. The next generation of phishing attacks are already exploiting these new vectors.”

Conventional mobile device phishing solutions rely on a combination of domain blacklists, IP reputation, and score-based risk evaluations, which are “reactive and dependent upon” pre-existing intelligence, noted PIXM.

Computer vision ‘sees’ phishing attempts in real time

With a computer vision-based cybersecurity solution at the browser level, PIXM Mobile claims to instantly visually analyze and identify any phishing attempt as it happens, without needing to rely on any pre-existing labels or scripts.

Computer vision is a branch of AI that deals with building and using digital systems to process, analyze and interpret visual data. It is primarily used for object detection and object classification in various deep learning (or neural network) models.

PIXM’s proprietary computer vision technology was developed by the company’s artificial intelligence team leveraging breakthroughs in deep learning and so-called convolutional neural networks. The company claims that it can achieve 500x faster detection of fraudulent web pages than current methods.

PIXM Mobile will be available for iOS devices via the Apple App Store beginning Wednesday, May 25. Support for Android will be available later this year.