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CrowdStrike and Mandiant form strategic partnership to protect organizations against cyber threats

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Apr 07, 20223 mins
Threat and Vulnerability Management

Vendors say the partnership combines CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform with Mandiant’s breach investigation and response services offering tighter platform integrations, industry-leading intelligence, and shared expertise.

Cybersecurity vendors CrowdStrike and Mandiant have announced a strategic partnership to help joint customers investigate, remediate and defend against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity events. In the collaboration, Mandiant will use the CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection platform and subscription offerings for its incident response services and proactive consulting engagements, the firms said in a press release. Furthermore, the Mandiant Managed Defense offering intends to include support for customers leveraging the Falcon platform later this year.

CrowdStrike, Mandiant embrace “open and collaborative approach” to security

With the partnership, CrowdStrike and Mandiant are embracing an open and collaborative approach to working with elite partners and technologies to provide organizations mission-critical protection, read a Mandiant blog post. True to that mission, organizations of all sizes can leverage CrowdStrike’s Falcon endpoint technology and Mandiant’s incident response and consulting expertise, benefitting from tighter platform integrations, new offerings built on innovative technologies, industry-leading intelligence, and shared expertise, it added.

“Today’s complex threat environment calls for a collaborative approach that brings together industry-leading technologies and world class teams to build the strongest defense for customers, which is exactly what this partnership is about,” commented George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of CrowdStrike. “CrowdStrike has worked with Mandiant many times over the years and there is a mutual respect for the caliber of technical and team expertise we both bring to the fight. We are proud to establish this alliance with them and to more effectively enable the people, processes, and procedures necessary to secure the modern organization,” he added.

Kevin Mandia, chief executive officer of Mandiant, said the partnership strengthens cyber defenses at a time when cyberattacks have become a notable business issue faced by organizations every day.

CrowdStrike-Mandiant partnership could yield rich results

Speaking to CSO, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard says the CrowdStrike-Mandiant partnership could yield rich cybersecurity results. “These two recent rivals – and now partners – have histories of performing incident response activities in the most consequential breaches as they happen. Breaking down a competitive barrier that facilitates more open sharing of intelligence and research makes the entire industry better, and clients of both companies better. That’s a net positive.”

Given that each company has different methodologies, focus areas, skills, and personnel, its guaranteed that one knows something the other doesn’t, Pollard adds. “Those areas where they diverge could yield rich results in terms of new indicators and attribution for existing breaches, and it could also lead to the discovery of new ones if the analysis that comes together gives them confirmation about events they were investigating separately.”

Gartner Research VP Peter Firstbrook agrees that the partnership is likely to deliver notable advantages to organizations in tackling cybersecurity threats. “Endpoint detection and response solutions such as CrowdStrike Falcon are a critical protection from more sophisticated attacks. These tools are much more sensitive to potentially malicious behaviors than previous generations of endpoint protection solutions. However, they require more sophisticated and experienced operators to respond to alerts. As deployment of EDR start to enter the late majority buyer stage of the market, we anticipate a significant percentage of buyers will want it as a service.”

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