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Why Security Resilience is the Strategy for the Future

Apr 06, 20223 mins
Network Security

5 key techniques to build security resilience in a hybrid work world.

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The future of work is hybrid, and while many businesses were forced into that environment over the past two years, security hasn’t caught up. The lines have been blurred between work and life, perimeters are no longer confined to headquarters, and everything and everyone are connected.

Not to mention that connectivity is only increasing. By next year, the number of devices connected to networks will be more than three times the global population.

We need a new strategy that can help the more than 40% of IT and security professionals that reported suffering a major security incident or loss over the past two years: Security resilience. This concept enables a business to withstand unpredictable threats and changes and emerge stronger as the threat landscape grows.  

Here are the five characteristics needed to achieve security resilience:

1.  Close the gaps in your system, so you have one open platform.

Stand-alone tools are often siloed, treat all threats equally, and don’t cover enough ground. Cisco Secure’s open approach and unparalleled intelligence mean you don’t have to go it alone as you protect the integrity of your business in a hybrid world. You need security tools that cover as much as possible. Cisco Secure protects 61 million endpoints, 840,000 networks, and 67 million mailboxes.

2.  See more and always be monitoring.

Visibility is more important than ever as businesses become more connected and multi-environment IT landscapes become standard. But how much you see depends on how much data and intelligence you have access to. Cisco Secure leaves no IT behind. Our platform uses 400 third-party integrations to empower CISOs to amplify the power of existing security investments and make the most informed decisions.

3.  Anticipate what’s next using actionable intelligence.

Today’s complex threat landscape is becoming more dangerous and uncertain. To protect your business, you need to embrace shared intelligence so you can get the best expertise. Cisco Secure can be your security partner that provides risk-based contextual analysis. We have engaged with more than 300,000 customers worldwide and invested more than $10 billion in advanced security technologies to help guide customers through tech and business inflection points.

4.  Prioritize what matters most.

Too many businesses are trying to play whack-a-mole with threats, but not every threat applies to them. Only 5% of all vulnerabilities are both observed within organizations and known to be exploited. Cisco Secure can provide contextual prioritization to help you understand the true risk and impact every vulnerability poses to your business, so you can optimize your resources and respond appropriately.

5.  Automate your response so you can bounce back fast.

The future will be fast paced and fluid, but technology will provide the structure and tools you need to move securely at the speed of change. Cisco Secure’s platform delivers that through cutting-edge intelligence feeds, end-to-end telemetry signals, continuous trust assessments, and automated orchestration.

Business resilience is something you are always striving for, and that should include cyber security resilience.

Most businesses already consider resilience for their financial, operations, organizational, and supply chain practices. Security resilience cuts across all of those areas. Hybrid work is here to stay and the world is becoming more connected. As those business boundaries are blurred, security resilience is the way to confront this new world. 

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