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Webroot files patent infringement claim against Trend Micro

Mar 15, 20223 mins
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The lawsuit accuses Trend Micro of using Webroot's patented malware detection, network security, and endpoint protection technologies without authorization.

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Security endpoint protection vendor Webroot has filed a patent infringement complaint against competitor Trend Micro accusing it of implementing patented technology in its security software and systems without authorization. According to an official document from the Unites States District Court, Western District of Texas Waco Division, Webroot is seeking damages for lost sales, profits, and market share. The complaint has raised eyebrows within the sector and on social media.

Webroot seeks damages against Trend Micro, claims lost sales and market share

Webroot has brought the action to seek damages for and to stop Trend Micro’s infringement of its patents in the judicial district and elsewhere in the United States from which it claimed to have lost sales, profits, and suffered irreparable harm including lost market share and goodwill, the complaint read. “This case involves patented technologies that helped to revolutionize, and have become widely adopted in, the fields of malware detection, network security, and endpoint protection” and are used in security products such as Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, it continued.

“Trend Micro’s infringing security software includes, but is not limited to, Apex One, Smart Protection Network, Deep Discovery XDR – Detection and response, Deep Discovery Endpoint Sensor, DeepSecurity, and Cloud One-Workload Security, (collectively, “Trend Micro Security Suite” or “Accused Products”),” the document stated.

The complaint continued that Trend Micro has, directly and through its extensive network of partnerships, purposefully and voluntarily placed its infringing products and provided services into the stream of commerce with the intention and expectation that they will be purchased and used by customers in the district. Trend Micro has also performed these infringing acts through other entities such as resellers, managed service providers, and cybersecurity experts located in the district, it added.

Webroot-Trend Micro patent infringement complaint causes Twitter stir

Webroot’s patent infringement complaint against Trend Micro has caused quite a stir on social media, with users taking to Twitter to condemn Webroot’s actions. The official Twitter page for MalwareHunterTeam posted: “Webroot could not choose a better time to become a patent troll, right? Couldn’t see a good reason to use Webroot before this happened anyway, and now…” It added that Webroot’s “irreparable harm” may have only just begun due its own actions. Another user claimed that, while the case may earn Webroot “some nickels,” it will impact its ability to attract “real customers.”

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