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Redstor extends protection of Kubernetes in AWS, unifies container backups

Feb 23, 20222 mins
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New support for Amazon EKS enables partners to scale back ups rapidly without complex scripting and removes need to bolt together multiple solutions.

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Data management and SaaS protection company Redstor has launched a new service aimed at transforming how managed and cloud service providers (MSPs and CSPs) protect Kubernetes environments in AWS. The firm has added support for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), a managed container service for handling applications in the cloud or on-premises, giving partners the ability to scale customer backups and removing the need to rely on disparate, ununified solutions.

Extension unifies backups for container-based applications

Traditionally, backups are not designed for modern, container-based applications, forcing service providers to deploy separate Kubernetes solutions to backup not only applications, but configurations, Redstor said. With its new extension, the company seeks to unify such processes and eliminate the need to bolt together multiple solutions.

“Unlike other highly complex services that require error-prone scripting and aren’t multi-tenanted, our backup empowers users with easy scalability and ongoing management,” stated Redstor chief product officer, James Griffin. “There’s not even a need to switch between interfaces. This all provides MSPs with the increased potential to make high margins fast at scale.”

Services providers will benefit from being able to recover a Kubernetes environment by quickly injecting data back into an existing cluster for fast resolution of ransomware, accidental or malicious deletion, or misconfiguration while managing multiple accounts with a single solution purpose-built for cloud partners, Redstor added.

Disparate backup solutions a significant container security issue

Speaking to CSO, cybersecurity consultant Harman Singh says that disparate solutions are indeed a significant challenge with regards to backing up container environments. “There is a major disconnect between data protection strategies across container-based apps and individual apps,” he says. “A backup solution selected a few years ago may not work well in the agile environment of containers. The most important reason for this is the lack of backup data reference frameworks because inventory of metadata related to the applications can’t be aligned.”