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Trusting Your Security Vendor in an Evolving Threat Landscape

Mar 31, 20214 mins

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Digital innovations have not only transformed networks but have also contributed to the expansion of the threat landscape. New business demands mean an influx of new devices geared towards filling that need and improving a company’s efficiency and customer experience. However, newly deployed devices add to the complexity of network environments and create new security and operational complexities that open up an organization to new cyber risks.

The most effective security infrastructure is one that converges network and security at all edges – LAN, WAN like SD-WAN, 5G, OT, data center and cloud – to address these risks without impacting performance or productivity within an organization. All this while still ensuring the best user experience for employees and customers alike. Trust between an organization and its security provider is essential so that security teams can be confident that security spans everywhere, protecting all devices, people and edges.  

Fortinet Security Fabric: Security Everywhere You Need It

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, Fortinet has established strong trust with their customers to ensure they are fully protected and that all their environments are secure. More than 500,000 customers rely on the Fortinet Security Fabric to provide advanced security anywhere and trust that their entire digital attack surface will remain secure against growing attacks and a dynamic threat landscape.

The Fortinet Security Fabric ensures that solutions deployed anywhere, regardless of their form factor or the network they run on, can see each other, share threat intelligence, and coordinate a unified response to threats. The Security Fabric supports the unique security-driven networking approach that blends security, networking, and connectivity into a unified solution. Integration within the Security Fabric supports the various solutions and ensures they are purpose-built to interoperate as a unified security system, sharing threat intelligence, enforcing policies, building self-healing connections, enhancing user experience, and coordinating responses to threats across highly distributed networks—all tied together through a central, single-pane-of-glass management and orchestration system. The Fortinet Security Fabric also leverages automation and advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to see, respond to, and even anticipate security needs and a faster, digital speed.

Organizations need to be able to rely on their security vendors year after year, which is why Fortinet’s mission has always been to secure users, devices, applications, and edges everywhere, making possible a digital world people can always trust. For this reason, Fortinet integrated the new FortiOS 7.0 operating system at the center of the Security Fabric. The new system is designed to span the growing digital attack surface and secure networks, endpoints, and cloud to keep customers ahead of cyber-attacks. Advancing security technologies and improving existing ones means customers can trust Fortinet’s security infrastructure to keep their security investments secure and provide scalable protections that support organizational growth.

Trust is Critical in Any Successful Collaboration

Fortinet recently announced it will be sponsoring the PGA TOUR’s Napa Tournament named Fortinet Championship given synergies around a shared focus on trust. PGA TOUR players rely on their team of trusted advisors to steer them in the right direction on the fairways in even the toughest weather conditions just as Fortinet customers rely on the Security Fabric to keep their entire infrastructure protected at all times. With this shared commitment to trust, Fortinet has partnered with PGA TOUR and extended its commitment to the community and local nonprofits that will receive donations from the tournament proceeds.

Fortinet’s title sponsorship of the PGA TOUR is majorly focused on supporting nonprofit organizations tackling issues that are important to Fortinet. PGA TOUR tournaments have generated more than $2 billion in charitable contributions since 1990. Fortinet’s CSR initiatives aim to diversify the tech and cybersecurity industry by providing training resources for underrepresented populations. This year, Fortinet opened the entire self-paced catalogue of NSE training courses to the public for free, in an effort to address the growing skills gap and provide learning opportunities to groups like women, veterans, and minorities. As a host of the Fortinet Championship tournament, Fortinet will be making a bigger impact in the areas in which it has had a longstanding commitment.

Learn more about Fortinet’s partnership with PGA TOUR through the Fortinet Championship here.