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Veracode Static Analysis: The Right Scan, At The Right Time, In The Right Place

BrandPost By Veracode
May 14, 20201 min
Application SecuritySecurity

Veracode Static Analysis: Meeting the Modern AppSec Challenge

right scan right time right place
Credit: Veracode

Software development is integral for an organization looking to keep up with market trends, remain competitive, and disrupt markets. While the world is innovating through software, all software introduces risk. Most applications are not built with security in mind, making them a top target for security breaches. Despite years of access to security testing tools, 83% of applications have at least one security flaw on their initial scan, and two out of three applications fail to pass tests based on key security standards.

One of the most prominent challenges remains the gap between fast-moving modern app development processes and legacy testing tools and procedures. Organizations are discovering:

  • Tools are noisy and difficult to deploy
  • Testing doesn’t align with modern development practices
  • Developers not empowered to remediate flaws

 To help address these challenges, Veracode has developed a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution that works for organizations seeking to better secure their applications without reducing development velocity within the business. And Veracode goes beyond providing scanning tools to partner with organizations to successfully start and scale AppSec programs.

To learn how to get started with a modern application security program, check out this white paper from Veracode.