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Free security resources for work-from-home employees during the COVID-19 crisis

Jun 25, 20209 mins
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Some security vendors are stepping up to help organizations better protect their networks as employees must suddenly work from home.

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As the world “shelters in place” amid the COVID-19 crisis, some tech companies are stepping up and offering their products and services free of charge for a limited time. These offers will help organizations set up and protect remote employees faster. In some cases, vendors are also offering support services to help companies through the set-up and deployment processes.

Keep in mind that most if not all these offers are extended free trials. At some point, you will be expected to pay for these products and services if you decide to continue using them. Even so, the vendors below are helping the global community better cope with the COVID-19 crisis at a time of very high demand for their offerings.   

CSO will add new free COVID-19-related services as we learn of them. Vendors offering help may contact CSO using this link.

Application security

Akamai will provide 60 days of free access to its Business Continuity Assistance Program, which includes it Enterprise Application Access solution. The program is designed to support remote workers and maintain business continuity.

Cloudflare is offering small businesses free seats to its zero-trust application protection service through September 1. The company will also throw in a 30-minute onboarding session with one of its experts.

FairWarning is offering it Turnkey Solution to protect remote Salesforce users free for 45 days.

Venafi is offering its Cloud OutagePREDICT service free for six months. It will alert you to TLS certifications about to expire.


1Password is removing its 30-day free-trial limit on business accounts for its password management software. Companies can now use 1Password at no cost for six months to manage login credentials.

Dashlane is providing three months of its Dashlane Premium or Dashlane Business password management product for free to individuals or businesses who don’t already have the service.

Identity Automation is offering free temporary MFA and SSO licenses to current and new customers along with installation training.

Okta will provide its Okta Identity Cloud service for free to new customers for six months, possibly longer if the situation warrants it. The service includes Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for up to five applications.

Ping Identity is offering six months of free cloud-based SSO and MFA to companies that must support newly remote employees. Existing customers can receive six months of free MFA.

RSA is offering its RSA SecurID Access product for multi-factor authentication to new customers free for six months. Existing customers can take advantage of RSA’s Business Continuity Option to expand the number of users on RSA SecurID Access without increasing their budget.

SecureAuth is offering its Intelligent Identity Cloud package, which includes MFA and single sign-on capabilities, for free until December 15, 2020.

Wultra has waived the first six months of its license fee on its Wultra Mobile Security authentication technologies for banking and fintech apps.

Email security

GreatHorn is offering 60 days of free access to its GreatHorn Email Security threat detection and remediation platform to organizations facing disruptions due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Trustifi is offering a free 90-day trial of its email security solutions to companies with 50 employees or more.


Beachhead Solutions is offering free additional licenses to current managed service provider (MSP) customers of its SimplySecure service. This will allow them to support an increase in remote workers within their client bases. Beachhead offers cloud-managed PC and mobile device encryption, security and data access control. MSP customer must submit a request to and with the number of licenses needed and for which clients.

PreVeil is offering its encrypted email and file-sharing solutions for free to critical infrastructure organizations on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. This includes federal, state and local governments and agencies; first reponders and crisis management teams, and healthcare non-profits.

VERA is offering its encryption and data security platform free for 90 days to companies supporting remote workers.

Endpoint protection and Phishing Protection

AppGuard is offering its AppGuard Solo endpoint protection solution free of charge for the next 90 days to business that need to support more remote workers.

Baramundi Software has put together an Emergency UEM Package for IT Admins that’s free for the duration of the crisis. It helps maintain endpoint security through patch management and vulnerability scans.

Carbonite is extending free 60-day trials of Carbonite Endpoint Protection  and Carbonite Backup for Microsoft Office 365 starting April 1. 

WatchGuard Technologies has created its WatchGuard Passport bundle of security services that are free for 120 for up to 250 users. Services include anti-phishing protection, web policy enforcement and authentication.

Fraud protection

The Authoriti Network is making its Permission Code-based payments fraud protection service available at no cost to state and local governments.

Healthcare-specific offers

Adelia Risk is offering its HIPAA Mail free for 60 days for all new US clients. It provides HIPAA-compliant Google apps such as Gmail and Google Drive, encrypted email, and spam and phishing protection.

Awake Security is offering 60 days of free access to its network traffic analysis platform to hospitals and healthcare organizations to help identify ransomware and other cyber threats from slowing the COVID-19 response.

Bitdefender is offering up to 12 months of free enterprise protection of devices  for all healthcare organizations.

Imprivata is making its Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access enterprise multi-factor authentication solution free for all users at healthcare organizations.

Logsign is offering a free license for its Logsign SIEM support for hospitals during the COVID-19 crisis.

LuxSci is offering its secure email service for free for the next two months for companies that need to send HIPAA-compliant health/safety-related email. It will send up to 25,000 emails per month, and might extend the two-month window if the crisis continues.

NCC Group is making its threat intelligence services free to healthcare organizations.

NTT will provide free consulting services for incident response and remediation to hospitals in North America, Europe, Australia and Singapore. Hospitals must contact NTT to pre-qualify.

TigerConnect will provide its secure healthcare communications platform free of charge to US-based health systems and hospitals to support COVID-19 related communications. New customers can get up to six months of the TigerConnect secure texting service, while existing customers  can expand their TigerConnect Essentials licenses for up to six months.

Incident response

Varonis has formed a COVID-19 Cyber Task Force that provides, among other things, help with incident response. Varonis is also offering a free evaluation licenses of its Data Security Platform for an unspecified amount of time.

Network security

AppGate is offering a free 90-day Software-Defined Perimeter Pilot to companies implementing work-at-home initiatives.

Cisco Webex has expanded its free offerings to include security services for remote employees through July 1, 2020. Those services include Cisco Umbrella to protect users from malicious websites (now free for 90 days), Duo Security to verify users’ identities and establish device trust, and Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to allow employees to work from anywhere. For the latter two, (existing customers can now exceed their user limit and new customers can get free access.

Fortinet is making its FortiClient VPN solution free of charge for secure remote access.

ZeroTier offers open-source SDKs and tools to set up software-defined networks that can support remote workers. There is no fee for most uses. 

Remote access

Banyan Security is offering free usage of its Zero Trust Remote Access product for a limited time to new customers supporting remote workers.

Block Armour is making the trial version of its Zero Trust remote access solution fully functional rather than a sandbox. It’s also waiving the ost of the Block Armour Secure Shield controller.

Cyberinc is offering its Isla browser isolation product for free for up to 50 users through August 31.

Ericom is offering a free 60-day license of its Ericom Connect product, which gives browser-based access to business applications, and Ericom Shield Zero Trust for up to 100 employees.

Sumo Logic has bundled a number of data analytics tools help ensure the reliability and security of business applications free for 90 days. The Work-From-Home solution includes tools to support SSO, remote access, endpoint security, and productivity apps. It is also offering its Continuous Intelligence Platform free to all educational insititutions to help provide disruption-free online learning. 

Risk assessment and management

CyberGRX is offering up to five of its third-party risk assessments for free to companies transitioning to a remote workforce.

Ground Labs is making remote data discovery tool Enterprise Recon NOW, a limited standalone version of its Enterprise Recon solution, free for 90 days.

Illusive Networks is offering a free remote attack risk assessment to help identify vulnerabilities in networks reconfigured to support more remote workers.

Security awareness and training

Checkmarx is making its Codebashing application security awareness training tool available for free for 45 days to support organizations with work-at-home developers.

Lucy Security has created a website with free videos, courses, checklists and guides to train work-at-home employees to identify phishing scams and other security threats.

MediaPRO has a free course, Staying Secure When Working from Home.

The SANS Security Awareness division of the SANS Institute has created the Securely Working from Home deployment kit. The free kit packages public and paid training SANS resources and is designed to give security awareness staff a step-by-step guide on how to rapidly deploy a training program for remote staff.

Threat intelligence

King & Union, ThreatConnect, and D3i have formed a coalition to provide a collaboration platform and threat intelligence services free for an indefinite time to commercial and government organizations shifting to a remote workforce.

ReversingLabs has developed a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Package and made it available for no cost to industries most affected by the crisis. The package helps organizations build their threat intelligence and response capabilities.

Web security

ImmuniWeb has added features from its paid product to its free community offering for web and mobile security testing. It is also offering free services and solutions to organizations that are migrating their workflows to the digital space and meet certain requirements.

Netsparker is providing free team licenses of its web vulnerability scanning tool to certain organizations including government entities, medical equipment providers, news producers, vaccine and medical research facilities, patient care organizations, hospitals, first responders, and food delivery.

Wireless protection

Minim will provide four months of its Minim for Remote Workers home security and managed WiFi platform for free to individuals and companies. Minim claims its platform will protect against router attacks, ransomware, network intrusions and other common malware.