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Which privileged identity management tools work best?

Sep 21, 20171 min
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Discover what real users think of privileged identity management solutions

From CyberArk to CA Privileged Access Manager, there are a wealth of tools available in the marketplace to help deal with privileged identity management. But which one works the best?

This month, IT Central Station pulled a new, independent report based on real users’ feedback. The 32-page document includes an overview of the best solutions and a summary of the top 10 vendors.

“The performance of this product needs to be improved. When the number of privileged accounts increases, i.e., exceeds 2000, then the performance of the system reduces,” criticises one user of a Tier 1 solution.

Another adds: “With every version, I can see that the product wins on functionality and user experience. On the latter though, I hear from customers that on the UI level, things could be better.”

Based on tens of thousands of comparisons and dozens of bespoke reviews, this short report offers unbiased feedback on the most widely used tools in the marketplace today.