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Las Vegas UPS Store makes risk adjustments due to DEF CON

Jul 25, 20172 mins
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Retail location in Caesars will not allow USB printing during annual hacker gathering

LAS VEGAS – The UPS Store in Caesars Palace is preparing to host thousands of hackers this weekend by issuing a warning to hotel guests who are looking for printing services – no USB printing and no links.

“Due to the DEF CON Hacking Convention, we will be accepting email print jobs with attachments only. We will not accept USB prints or any links. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The message, which is posted on the desk at the UPS Store within the DEF CON hotel, is a clear example of the balance between risk and operations.

While some will argue that email attachments are just as bad as potentially malicious links or USB devices, the shipping and printing center can’t block everything.

In order for the UPS Store to do business, they have to allow some level of risk, so this was the happy medium. They’ve decided to disallow what was determined to be the most dangerous document delivery methods in their point of view. But it isn’t clear how they came to their conclusions.

Some people will be put out by this move, but others won’t really notice the change at all.

The topic of protection during hacker week in Las Vegas (where thousands attend BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, and DEF CON) is a constant one. Some go to extremes, while others take simple basic precautions.

Andy Thompson, a.k.a. @R41nM4kr has offered a solid list of security basics for those heading to Las Vegas this week. His blog post covers several topics, including the following for those concerned about internet usage:

Internet access and connectivity:

  • Unless absolutely necessary for a job function, disable Wi-Fi.
  • Disable Bluetooth on your computer and phone.
  • Disable NFS connectivity on your phone and computer.
  • If Wi-Fi is absolutely required, ONLY use your own provided Wi-Fi. I used a JetBack/MiFi and connect ONLY to that device.
  • Always use a VPN as soon as you obtain Wi-Fi access.
  • Do NOT plug any network cable into the laptop.
  • Do not plug any USB storage devices (hard drives, sticks, network adapters, Raspberry Pi’s, etc.) into the laptop or phone.

Salted Hash will be in Las Vegas all this week. We’ll keep the blog updated with news and other interesting bits form the three conferences.