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IDG Security Day features events in 9 countries

Jun 14, 20172 mins
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The global event, which concludes in McLean, VA, will focus on what businesses leaders need to better understand the increasing threats their organizations face.

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On June 21, IDG Enterprise will follow the sun and discuss the challenges organizations across the globe face when attempting to identify or mitigate risk.

To do this, IDG has organized Security Day, a global event that will start in Sydney, Australia and conclude at the Ritz-Carlton, Tyson’s Corner, in McLean, VA. The U.S. segment will be hosted by CSO’s own Bob Bragdon, and includes a stellar lineup of experts and insiders.

Globally, IDG Security Day will include events, in nine countries, on three continents. After kicking off in Sydney, the conversation will continue in Singapore, then it’s over to Mumbai, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, Paris, and Madrid.

As the day progresses, the conversations in each market will be tailored to the most pressing or trending issues, but will focus on what businesses leaders need to better understand the increasing threats their organizations face as they connect to the cloud, engage a new service provider, hire a new employee, or attempt to build a security program from scratch.

In Washington, DC, the day will start with a conversation about defining risk in 2017, and move forward to data destruction in the era of IoT. From there, the topics will include building a rock-solid security program and managing the IT / Security relationship within an organization. Other talks will address supply chain risk, insider threats, and credibility with senior business leadership.

“SecurIT is a concept whose time has come. We’re bringing together two groups that have become increasingly at odds with one another: IT and Security. These groups must work together to ensure the security of our digital business ecosystems. It’s global footprint recognizes that this is an important issue regardless of where you love, or where you conduct business on the globe,” said CSO’s Publisher, Bob Bragdon in a statement.

“I’m particularly looking forward to our opening session with the CIO and CSO of AES as we discuss that partnership and the risk environments we face today and will likely face in the future.”

IDG Security Day events will include networking breaks for peer-to-peer discussions, luncheon table discussions, and conclude with a cocktail reception for additional conversation.

A full agenda, as well as conference registration for the Washington, DC event is available online.