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Hackers leak 8 unaired episodes of ABC’s Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV series

Jun 05, 20174 mins
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The Dark Overlord is back, leaking the first eight episodes of ABC's upcoming TV series Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

They’re back…

The Dark Overlord, the hacking group which released 10 of 13 new Orange Is the New Black episodes in late April after Netflix refused to pay a ransom, has now leaked nearly the entire first season of ABC’s upcoming Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

Back in April, TDO warned ABC, National Geographic, Fox and IFC that the group wasn’t playing games anymore. Then on June 2, TDO tweeted, “American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen.”

Two days later, on June 4, TDO announced its target was indeed ABC as it leaked the first eight episodes of ABC’s upcoming TV series Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. The series reportedly has 13 episodes. TDO tweeted a link to Pastein; that post reads:

Hello, this is thedarkoverlord (@tdohack3r) here to deliver a message.

Time to play another round. We’re following through on our threats as we always do. We firmly believe that honesty and determination are the two most important factors of any business.

If you prefer your meat bloody, we’re serving it bloody as can be: We’re bringing another piece from from the world of unaired mainstream media content: ABC’s “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”.

Below you will find links to download the new content:

ABC’s “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”:

Your friends, thedarkoverlord Professional Adversary World Wide Web, LLC

The announcement tweet was followed by another with included a link to the torrent on Pirate Bay.

Unlike the numerous leeches who sucked onto season 5 of Netflix’s series after it was leaked, there was reportedly not a lot of people trying to download ABC’s new TV series which is set to air on June 11. It’s worth noting that the torrent has reportedly been taken down.

According to Disney-owned ABC, Steve Harvey’s Funderdome “is a seed-funding competition reality series where two budding entrepreneurs go head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies. In each of the 13 episodes, the audience will represent the ‘customer’ and, as the customer is always right, they will be voting to determine the winner.”

Back when ABC was looking for people to participate in the show, it said, “You could win anywhere from $10,000 – $100,000, all you have to do is win over the live studio audience and convince them that you deserve to be funded.”

Presumably, ABC, like Netflix, refused to bow to and pay TDO’s extortion. The hacking group previously told Torrent Freak that it obtained the Netflix content by breaking into the network of audio post-production firm Larson Studios.

TDO also previously told DataBreaches that is managed to gain access to a total of 37 film, TV movie and TV series titles:

Bill Nye Saves The World – TV Series

Above Suspicion – Film

Breakthrough – TV Series

A Midsummers Nightmare – TV Movie

Brockmire – TV Series

Handsome – Film

Bunkd – TV Series

Hum – Short

Celebrity Apprentice – TV Series

Jason Alexander Project – TV Series

Food Fact or Fiction – TV Series

Liza Koshy Special – YoutubeRed

Hopefuls – TV Series

Lucha Underground – TV Series

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia   – TV Series

Lucky Roll – TV Series

Making History – TV Series

NCIS Los Angeles – TV Series

Man Seeking Woman – TV Series

New Girl – TV Series

Max and Shred – TV Series

Portlandia – TV Series

Mega Park – TV Series

Rebel In The Rye – Film

Orange Is The New Black – TV Series

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome – TV Series

Story of God with Morgan Freeman   – TV Series

Superhuman – TV Series

The Arrangement – TV Series

The Catch – TV Series

The Middle – TV Series

The Stanley Dynamic – TV Series

The Thundermans – TV Series

Win It All – Film

Undeniable with Joe Buck – TV Series

XXX Return of Xander Cage – Film

X Company – TV Series

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