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Michael Raggo joins 802 Secure as chief security officer

Apr 27, 20172 mins
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Mobile and Internet of things security expert Mike Raggo will play a key role in product development.

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Security solutions provider 802 Secure has hired Mike Raggo as its chief security officer (CSO). Raggo is an expert in mobile data and Internet of things (IoT) security. He is the author of “Mobile Data Loss: Threats & Countermeasures” and “Data Hiding: Exposing Concealed Data in Multimedia, Operating Systems, Mobile Devices and Network Protocols” for Syngress Books. A former security trainer, Raggo has briefed international defense agencies including the FBI and Pentagon and is a participating member of FSISAC/BITS and PCI. He is also a frequent presenter at security conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, Gartner, RSA, DoD Cyber Crime, OWASP, HackCon and SANS.

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Michael Raggo, 802 Secure CSO

Raggo is expected to help develop 802 Secure’s products. The company recently received a $6 million investment to further develop its two core products:  AirShield (an IoT defense platform) and P25CleanRF (a 24×7 cybersecurity monitoring solution for first responders).

One problem Raggo plans to help 802 Secure address is the fragmentation of thousands of different operating systems and applications within the IoT market. “IoT fragmentation, disparate standards, and legacy security technologies repurposed for IoT have left organizations ill-equipped in securing their wireless networks and devices.” said Raggo in a press release.”

“I am excited to have Mike Raggo join the team as our CSO. He has a wealth of experience in wireless security and will be a tremendous asset in helping us differentiate, innovate and build world-class products,” said Garry Drummond, founder and CEO of 802 Secure.