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“Hack the Pentagon” creator joins GRIMM as principal for security consulting

Apr 20, 20172 mins
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Lisa Wiswell brings a strong background in security and defense, as well as credibility with the hacker community.

Lisa Wiswell, GRIMM
Credit: GRIMM

Lisa Wiswell, who has built her reputation in security circles working with the US Department of Defense (DoD), has joined GRIMM. In her role as principal of security consulting at the security engineering firm, Wiswell will be working with GRIMM’s public and private sector clients.

“We look for people who are game-changers,” said Bryson Bort, founder and CEO of GRIMM in a press release. “She has an impeccable track record of pitching and launching innovative ideas and with working with the hacker and security communities.  She’s a great complement to our team.”

Wiswell spent the past decade working with the DoD to shift its culture, and interact more positively with the hacker community. Most recently, she launched “Hack the Pentagon,” the first federal bug bounty and disclosure program.  Prior to that, she served as an Obama Administration appointee in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, responsible for formulating and implementing policies and strategies associated with US warfighters’ ability to operate in and through cyberspace, and at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop capabilities for military personnel to use for purposes of deterrence or warfighting.  

“Working with truly talented and forward-leaning engineers is important to me.  That’s why I chose GRIMM” said Wiswell.  “I’m excited to be part of a team that is going to push the envelope and build game-changing technologies for the Government and the private sector.”

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