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How to prepare for a data breach

Nov 15, 20161 min
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What's in your data breach response plan? Do you have one in place? What should be included in a comprehensive plan? Michael Bruemmer of Experian offers advice for organizations of all sizes

The Experian Data Breach Response Guide is an annual report that gives companies suggestions, plans and processes to put into place for when a data breach occurs. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Michael Bruemmer from Experian Data Breach Resolution about the guide and why CSOs and new CISOs would benefit from the free offering. Among the highlights of the video are the following sections: 1:04 How does the Experian guide address the needs of different organizations when it comes to data breaches? 2:00 Why practice makes perfect when it comes to data breach response. 2:50 Steps to take during the first 24 hours of a breach. 4:06 What are the biggest mistakes that companies make during the first 24 hours? 4:50 Why does Experian not charge for this data breach guide?