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Sample concealed weapons policy

Jan 11, 20162 mins
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This concealed weapons policy of a large hospital with 10,000+ employees is written to apply to not only employees, but also those visiting the hospital.

You are free to use or adapt this sample policy, which was contributed by the security community, for use in your own organization (but not for re-publication or for-profit use).

Concealed Weapons Policy

Employees of [Hospital] are forbidden from carrying and possessing weapons of any kind while on Hospital premises.

Weapons are defined by [Hospital] as any kind of gun, knife or blade over three inches in length. Any other tool that serves to cause harm to another person is also considered a weapon.

The Hospital policy applies to employees, medical staff members, patients and families, vendors, volunteers, visitors and any other individuals entering any of our facilities. Signs are posted at all main entrances stating that concealed weapons are prohibited on our properties.

The Hospital policy applies whether or not an employee possesses a concealed weapons permit or is allowed by State law to possess a weapon.

Possession of a weapon may be authorized by [Hospital’s] director to allow certain security personnel to ensure the safety and security of certain visitors or employees. Only the director, or a designee, may authorize the carrying of or use of a weapon.

Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including employment termination. Any visitor who knowingly violates the posted prohibition or refuses to leave after being informed of the policy may be arrested for criminal trespass.

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