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Sample computer and e-mail usage policy

Jan 08, 20162 mins
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Computer and email usage policy
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This one-page computer and email usage policy from a manufacturing company with fewer than 50 employees covers unauthorized access, software licenses, harrassment and pornography issues, and establishes the company’s right to monitor.

You are free to use or adapt this sample policy, which was contributed by the security community, for use in your own organization (but not for re-publication or for-profit use).

Computer and Email Usage Policy

To help you do your job, COMPANY may give you access to computers, computer files, the email system, and software. You should not use a password, access a file, or retrieve any stored communication without authorization. To make sure that all employees follow this policy, we may monitor computer and email usage.

We try hard to have a workplace that is free of harassment and sensitive to the diversity of our employees. Therefore, we do not allow employees to use computers and email in ways that are disruptive, offensive to others, or harmful to morale.

At COMPANY you may not display, download, or email sexually explicit images, messages, and cartoons. You also may not use computers and email for ethnic slurs, racial comments, off-color jokes, or anything that another person might take as harassment or disrespect.

You may not use email to ask other people to contribute to or to tell them about businesses outside of COMPANY religious or political causes, outside organizations, or any other non-business matters.

COMPANY buys and licenses computer software for business purposes. We do not own the copyright to this software or its documentation. Unless the software developer authorizes us, we do not have the right to use the software on more than one computer.

You may only use software on local area networks or on multiple machines according to the software license agreement. COMPANY prohibits the illegal duplication of software and its documentation.

If you know about any violations to this policy, notify your supervisor, the Human Resources Department or any member of management. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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