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by Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes

How Anonymous really targets ISIS

Nov 18, 20152 mins

With the ISIS attacks on Paris, Anonymous declared war on ISIS. The reality is that is more hype than fact, and misleading.

After terrorist attacks, people love to see retribution. The bombings of Raqqa by French airplanes were a welcome site. The Internet then became excited about the Anonymous declaration of war on ISIS. People love the principle of an unbridled party, without rules, reeking havoc on the enemy. However, the reality of the implications of the declaration of war is less sensational.

Anybody can call themselves, “Anonymous”, and put out a video. That is the very nature of Anonymous. There are however more organized offshoot groups from Anonymous who have already been making progress against ISIS.

These groups, which go by and have been taking down ISIS operations. They have stopped actual terrorist attacks and have taken down ISIS accounts and websites. These groups have been up and running since the beginning of the year, with their sole focus is taking down ISIS operations.

The current Anonymous threats are late to the game, and frankly any significant successes attributed to Anonymous by the media, have actually been successes of the members of GhostSec and

The Irari Report interviewed WauchulaGhost, who is the spokesperson of back in September to discuss their successes and how those successes are accomplished. This is the reality of the current hype surrounding Anonymous threats to ISIS.

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