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Leading Security Change: Security leaders need to create a better pathway to get better talent

Nov 18, 20153 mins
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As the industry continues to grow, security leaders need to create and maintain better pathways to attract the talent we need to the industry. Learn how from our panel of leaders and their experience in this installment of Leading Security Change.

Are you struggling to find qualified security practitioners for your team? What about the people interested in security? Do they know where to look? How to get started?

While the industry laments the perception of a shortage, talented people with the ability and interest to help are frustrated they can’t find a pathway in.

Part of the solution is creating a better pathway.

Done right, it benefits both leaders in search of talent and people in search of positions.

Leading Security Change: creating a better pathway

Addressing the “talent shortage” is a leadership opportunity. It’s the focus of the next Leading Security Change program (learn more here). This is a six-week series designed to reframe the challenge of finding talent into the leadership opportunity. Complete with a roadmap and the guidance to accelerate your success.

We’ll explore the mindset and approach our panel of security leaders relies on for their success.

Your invitation to engage

This program draws on the experience of three security leaders, selected for their insights. It’s also a framework to guide a broader discussion.

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The Panel of Security Leaders

Here are the three leaders tapped to share their experience on how we can create better pathways.

  • Ron Woerner is the Director of Cybersecurity Studies at Bellevue University. He has over 25 years of corporate and military experience in IT and Security across a range of industries. Ron works with high school students, college students, and current professionals and brings a depth of knowledge on how to improve the pathway.

  • Dyann Bradbury is the President Emeritus – InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA) and Senior Director of Corporate IT Compliance for Digital River. Dyann brings the perspective of a leader that found a pathway that many overlook – and she’ll share how you can build it, too.

  • Timothy De Block is the co-founder of ColaSec, an active group of professionals in Columbia, SC. In that role, he is actively creating pathways for people to enter the security industry while working to increase the opportunities and capabilities of his current team. 

At the end of the discussion, each of the panelists is asked to reflect and share the “one thing” that stood out to them. What is yours? Listen or read and share what you took away.