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Leading Security Change – Series Overview

Jul 13, 20153 mins
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A regular, multimedia exploration of top security challenges and solutions. More than prescribing solutions, each series reveals the mindset and approach leaders need to be successful in an changing landscape.

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Welcome to Leading Security Change.

This is a series designed to reframe security challenges as leadership opportunities.

For each selected topic, we explore the mindset and approach necessary to successfully lead and accelerate change necessary to improve security in your organization.

Each topic is covered over the course of six weeks.It includes different opportunities to read, engage and learn from the three security leaders sharing their insight, experience, and mindset for success. 

  • Roadmap: It starts with a written article to offer a roadmap on the topic and set the direction for the discussion. It doubles as a roadmap to start the discussion in your organization. 
  • Expert POV: Each of the three panelists — selected for their insights and experience successfully leading their organizations on the topic — share their Point of View (POV) through blog posts that answer five questions (selected for them). 
  • Live Virtual Panel Discussion: you’re invited to join the experts during the live panel discussion. In the event you can’t make it, the discussion is recorded and transcribed (and available to CSO Insiders). 
  • Reflection Column: After the discussion, Michael Santarcangelo steps back to consider the series and the lessons learned over the previous weeks. Then he shares a reflection column of the aha moment(s). 
  • Summary Slideshow: The entire program is summarized in a slide show – perfect for quickly reviewing highlights and sharing with colleagues.  

This approach has three basic benefits

  • Learn from others. Find out how other security leaders successful lead the change in their organization. Ask questions, take notes, and get a head start on the efforts you need to influence in your organization. 
  • Engage during the process. Consider how the elements work in your environment. Contribute your experience. Offer suggestions and alternative approaches. Participate in the panel with questions, ideas, and insights. 
  • Use the completed package as a guide. When the series concludes — including the reflection and summary slideshow — the entire package is available as a starting point or guidebook for your journey.

The first topic: Leading the way to the secure cloud

As organizations increasingly shift operations to the cloud, security leaders are faced with a choice: champion the effort, react to the changes, or get left behind. This series reveals how to lead the effort while improving security. 

Check out the landing page for links to all the series elements (click here). 

Additional Topics in 2015

  • Security Convergence: how do you actually blend cyber and physical together in a successful program?
  • Security Talent: how do people get into the industry? What do we need to do to attract qualified people to our programs? 

Potential Topics for 2016

We’re planning two programs each quarter. That creates the opportunity to tackle eight topics next year. 

Some potential ideas: 

  • Security Breaches: the need to “anticipate breach
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Threat Intelligence
  • Better Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Secure Development

These are all in the early stages. What topics would you like Michael to address? Leave a comment or send him a note to let him know how to best serve your needs. 

Together, we can lead the change we need for better security.