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Professional hackers talk social engineering threats and security awareness

Apr 30, 20151 min
Data and Information SecurityIT LeadershipSocial Engineering

Social engineering experts Chris Hadnagy and Dave Kennedy offer tips for recognizing scams and tricks, and give tips on how to avoid getting conned

handing over keys
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Social engineers want the keys to the kingdom, and often all they use is a few simple mind tricks to successfully walk into an important entryway or digital portal, which then allows them access to your organization’s sensitive assets and data.

With years of experience in pen testing and human hacking, Chris Hadnagy and Dave Kennedy are experts at how social engineers work, and what techniques they use to successfully breach an organization. In this webcast, Hadnagy, Chief Human Hacker with Social-Engineer Inc and Kennedy, Founder and CEO TrustedSec, chat with CSO Chief Editor Joan Goodchild about social engineering threats, and what kind of effective security awareness training companies can use to prevent being tricked.

Listen to the discussion here.