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Barracuda adds Android support in MDM platform

Mar 30, 20152 mins
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Barracuda Networks recently updated its mobile device management (MDM) solution. The free, cloud-based mobile device and mobile app management service now includes support for Android mobile devices as well as iOS.

Barracuda MDM is part of the Barracuda Total Threat Protectioninitiative. Barracuda Total Threat Protection is designed to protect a broad range of tools and potential attack vectors, including email, Web applications, remote access, Web browsing by network users, mobile Internet access, and the network perimeter itself.

“We first released Barracuda MDM with iOS support targeting our K – 12 customers rolling out 1:1 iPad initiatives,” said Stephen Pao, GM Security for Barracuda in a press release statement. “By extending Barracuda MDM support to the Android operating system, we look forward to extending support to help our corporate customers manage their BYOD environments that span both Android and iOS.”

Barracuda MDM enables organizations to implement, monitor and enforce BYOD policies through simplified management of iOS and Android mobile devices. Barracuda MDM is managed through a centralized console integrated into the Barracuda Cloud Control portal. According to Barracuda its highlights include:

· Security – Configure mobile devices to include passcode policies, functionality restrictions, email/Exchange Active Sync, authentication credentials, and wifi/vpn/proxy access.

· Application Management – Manage app store access, enterprise applications, and integrate mobile devices into the Apple VPP program. Installed applications can be monitored and unauthorized applications can be flagged for follow-up.

· Remote Management – Wipe or lock stolen devices, un-enroll devices when employees leave the company, and change security and access policies with an easy to use, intuitive user interface.

Barracuda MDM integrates with other Barracuda security solutions and enables IT admins to manage everything from a single console in Barracuda Cloud Control. Barracuda mobile applications such as Barracuda Safe Browser, Barracuda Copy and CudaSign by Barracuda can be pushed down to mobile devices, allowing IT administrators to enforce browsing policies, improve workflow, and manage the document signing process.

It’s actually a little misleading to call Barracuda MDM “free”. Barracuda MDM is provided at no additional cost for existing Barracuda customers—but isn’t free to the general public. It can be accesses through the Barracuda Cloud Control portal. Admins can enroll users through email invitations, or users can download the Barracuda Mobile Device Companion app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


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