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What Will Symantec Do Next With Verisign?

Aug 11, 20102 mins
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Now that the deal is closed, Symantec needs to execute quickly

Symantec’s acquisition of the Verisign security assets closed earlier this week. This frees Symantec to tell the world what it bought and what role the Verisign services play. Good thing. Symantec caught a lot of flack for buying a legacy SSL certificates business. In truth, this deal could be much more — a SaaS authentication and PKI offering to broker trust relationships in B2C and B2B transactions.I believe this could be a very good acquisition but Symantec can’t assume that anyone other than PKI nerds understand this. To satisfy Wall Street and maximize the ROI on this deal, Symantec must:1. Pound home the vision. Symantec hinted at some potential use cases for Verisign when it announced the deal. From now on, it needs to do this more consistently, strongly, and frequently. PKI is a mystery to most people so Symantec should think in terms of over communicating.2. Hint at a roadmap. Where does Verisign fit in the Symantec portfolio? Symantec needs to come out with a statement that details this soon. For example, will Symantec put a X.509 digital certificate in each copy of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to seed the market? If this is part of the plan, Symantec needs to tell the world when this will happen and why.3. Take the message to the channel. Corporate presentations and analytst briefings aren’t enough. Symantec needs to get its direct and indirect sales onboard ASAP. This means sales training, corporate support, incentives, etc.Symantec needs to prove to the market (and especially Wall Street) that it can back vision and money with execution. The Verisign deal was fairly significant, around $1.2 billion. Symantec needs to execute ASAP to demonstrate that this deal was well thought out and that the money was well spent.

Contributing Writer

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