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Barracuda Networks Silent On Data Breach

Apr 12, 20111 min
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No apology or mention on the Barracuda website

Quick blog here. I received an email from an industry source at 6:53pm yesterday (Monday April 11) with a link to a story about a SQL injection attack of Barracuda Network’s website.I read about this story today and just checked the Barracuda Networks website at 5:42ET, Tuesday April 12. Guess what? There isn’t a word about the breach on the homepage. No link to an explanation, no apology, nothing! To be fair, Barracuda did issue a statement ( but it has also chosen to ignore the incident on its website. Instead it pontificates about “industry leading protection.” How ironic.Barracuda has no obligation to recognize this breach on its homepage but as a security vendor, I for one would have expected the company to do so. I guess I am way too idealistic for the security industry.

Contributing Writer

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