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Lulzy Christmas: Hackers buy presents for the poor with gov’t officials’ credit cards

Dec 15, 20134 mins
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TeamBerserk hacktivists launch #opBerserkChristmas, a campaign to buy 'thoughtful gifts' for the unfortunate paid for with credit cards belonging to naughty government officials, politicians and corporations.

While there’s nothing quite like the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving gifts to the less fortunate, TeamBerserk hacktivists are donating “thoughtful gifts” that are paid for with credit cards belonging to naughty government officials, politicians and corporations.  

TeamBerserk launched a new operation called #opBerserkChristmas. According to the Pastebin statement, the thoughtful gifts for children and other less fortunate folks will include:

items such as toys, blankets, tablets, computers, etc. and force shipments to many children’s shelters, homeless shelters and less fortunate folks addresses. Every instance there is an order a screenshot will be taken and uploaded with hashtag #opBerserkChristmas.

Woe be to any shelter location employee that “tries to keep any of these items that are meant for the children and less fortunate,” as TeamBerserk warned, “We will pull your dox and ruin your credit and additional LoLs will be made.”

Government officials, politicians and corporations, which TeamBerserk judged as naughty enough to foot the bill with their credit cards, will also pay for and receive coal and naughty gifts like sex toys.

Once items have shipped for this global #opBerserkChristmas campaign, the hacktivists will upload a screenshot as proof. The first “thoughtful gift” order shipped to a children’s shelter in San Antonio, Texas; it was paid for by Edwards County, Texas, County Judge Souli A. Shanklin. The hacking group allegedly breached the judge’s computers and then leaked 23 of his internal documents as part of Project Mayhem. After also gaining access to Shanklin’s Amazon account, the hackers ordered 18 adult toys.

The hacktivists started with Edwards County, Texas, after a dispute between Edwards County Sheriff Pam Elliott and Rocksprings Independent School District superintendent David Velky. Velky claimed that a “teacher stole valuable items from school,” but Sheriff Elliott refused to take action. She said, “If it was placed in the trash, she (teacher) retrieved it, y’all gave it to her and now you want me to go collect something? That’s a civil matter. There’s no criminal charges there.”

When TeamBerserk announced its return to the hacking scene on December 10, they sided with the sheriff and not only hacked the judge, but also Velky. The hacktivists posted screenshots of adult toys that they purchased via Velky’s Amazon account. They said:

At this very moment we are sorting through and analyzing all of your accounts. We have gained remote access to your cell phones and we have conversation logs between you and various, shall we say…characters of shady backgrounds. All of your Android devices are under our control as well as your personal nets.

Although TeamBerserk has not revealed which organizations were hacked and will be paying for the “thoughtful Christmas gifts,” they “have remote access to state-level resources,” the hackers told Softpedia. TeamBerserk estimated “that tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts will be donated” for #opBerserkChristmas.

Before the hacktivists took a break in October, they mentioned targeting companies such as “HITRUST, Interactive Data, CITIC, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, New Mexico ISP Plateau, The West Australian, Loretto Telecom, and California-based ISP Sebastian.” Softpedia added, “Sebastian has denied being breached, but the hackers have leaked several files to prove that they have gained access to the ISP’s systems. In addition, they have uploaded a shell on the company’s website to prove their point.”

The Pastebin that announced the group’s return stated, “We have again united for an explosive several weeks of exploitation, mayhem and LoLz.” It included potentially NSFW ASCII text porn and their pirates’ tale as they explained “we found the remains of the ghostly LulzBoat, and the cannon we took to make part of our own vessel.” TeamBerserk promised “powerful lulz” before warning, “Corporations and Governments, expect us.”

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