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Poll: How Many Security Breach Disclosure Notices Have You Received?

Jan 25, 20081 min
Data and Information Security

By this sad point in information security history, more than 217 million records containing personal, sensitive information have been compromised, at least according to the oft-cited tally compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. This number, of course, is rapidly approaching the total population of the United States, which stands at right above 303 million.

I know, I know, the PRC numbers aren’t for people whose information have been compromised, but for records that have been compromised, so it’s not entirely a fair comparison. But it occurs to me (and I’m hoping not to jinx myself here) that I’ve yet to receive a breach notice. Neither has my husband. Nor has any friend or family member ever contacted me asking what to do about such a notice. All of which makes me wonder, is it the same unlucky set of citizens receiving all these notices, while the rest of us don’t receive any? Am I just lucky? Or are companies not mailing these notices, relying instead mostly on website notices?

We can try to find out if you’ll answer this poll. It’s not scientific, but hey, I never said I was a scientist. -Sarah Scalet