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IT Talent Helping Haiti

Jan 19, 20103 mins
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As the Haitian people fight for subsistence, the world is responding with food and medical assistance.  This tragedy wreaked havoc on a victim unsung by the news media – the telecommunications infrastructure.  However, there is a ground-swell in the technical community targeting this need.  George Moraetes is among those that have used their skills to help.

Monitoring events via Twitter, Skype, and the Web,” said Moraetes, “I volunteered and helped a small firm re-establish their communications and what was left of their salvageable computing equipment remotely.”  He pointed out that Haiti’s ISP Multilink is in dire need of network engineers and that interested individuals or organizations should forward their resumes.

Given various economic, political, and geographic challenges, Haiti’s Internet is not well developed.  Carnegie Mellon University’s Jon M. Peha wrote an informative paper on the Haitian Internet Infrastructure which I urge you to study if you wish to help.

Moraetes points out that in the process of helping others, you are developing your own skills and exposure.  “Those of you in transition may want to offer your talents,” said Moraetes.  He cited Crisis in Common as an organization that is leading efforts where IT talent is needed.

The actions of a single individual can save the lives of many.  It is through complacency that we surrender our power.  Below is a list of reputable organizations that are on the ground helping those in need.


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