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SecurityBINGE – InfoSec from the Hacker’s Perspective

Sep 30, 20092 mins
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It was my first night at Black Hat.  My mind still raced with the excitement of being in Sin City (even if it was for a security conference).  I pondered the wonders and challenges that awaited me – presentations, demonstrations, interviews, and hackers of all stripes.  Little did I expect to find pioneers in the area of multi-media journalism.

SecurityBinge – a team composed of Chris Martin aka pr34ch, Tim Elrod aka ri0t, and Stefan Morris aka Janus – are forging a video podcast show addressing information security from the hacker’s perspective.  SecurityBinge, according to its founders, “will have a community-driven focus in the delivery of its high quality video productions.”  Tim and Stefan, the show’s co-hosts, have years of experience both in corporate and hacker circles.

What makes securityBinge different from other shows?  According to Chris Martin, the show’s producer, “we not only deliver quality, relevant content – we focus on serving the security community.”  This sentiment is echoed by Johnny “I Hack Stuff” Long in the first securityBinge installment.  In his segment, Mr. Long speaks passionately about the impact the security community has had on his personal and professional career.  Another differentiator is the production value of each installment.  Co-hosts Elrodand Morris pointed out the power of this format. “The mix of audio and video gives us many more options for telling our stories,” said Morris.  According to Errod, “demoing products or exploits on video blows audio out of the water.”  After viewing the Peach demo in the first installment, I have to agree.

What impressed me the most about this team was their focus on integrity.  “We do our share of due diligence on each show segment.  Our audience deserves nothing less,” said Martin.  This attitude is critical given the product evaluations and security issue discussions that make up the heart of each show.  According to Morris, “we work hard to answer the questions that each of our audience members have – does the product do what it says it does?”

The evolving threat landscape requires the sharing of knowledge, tactics, and strategies in order to adapt effectively.  With their focus on relevant information, quality guests, and a focus on community, securityBinge is a great resource for education.  I recommend them highly!


Steven F. Fox provides security guidance to ensure compliance with Federal standards and requirements as a Senior Security Architecture and Engineering Advisor for the IRS. Fox contributes to multiple working groups including the IPv6 transition team, Developer Security Testing workgroup and the Security and Privacy workgroup. He brings a cross-disciplinary perspective to the practice of information security; combining his experience as a security consultant, an IT Auditor and a systems engineer with principles from behavioral/organizational psychology to address security challenges. He is a syndicated blogger covering IT Governance, Risk Management and IT-Business fusion topics. He also volunteers his time to the Ponemon Institute and Security BSides Detroit. Follow him on Twitter - Join his LinkedIn network -