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Welcome to Security Renegades!

Mar 23, 20071 min
Core Java

This blog will serve as a spring board for understanding what hackers can do with unpatched security vulnerabilities and poorly deployed software. 

We’ll talk about who is largely at risk (ie..organizations using a specific technology, organizations within a specific industry, IT groups that don’t have their firewalls configured properly or that aren’t running a backup system, etc.), potential or actual compromise, and how to mitigate. 

 The attacks or vulnerabilities discussed here are known and/or have either been already carried out or are currently being developed in the attacker community. This should give security professionals a basis for understanding the impact and threats that these unpatched security holes bring to their customers or enterprise and help them assess their individual threat.  We will also offer commentary on the impact these attacks can have on their business.

Joe Basirico - Security Analyst Joe studies security and develops tools that assist in the discovery of security vulnerabilities and general application problems. His primary responsibility at Security Innovation is to deliver security courses to software teams in need of application security expertise. He has trained developers and testers from numerous world-class organizations, including Microsoft, HP, EMC, Symantec and Joe is also responsible for participating in customer security process assessments as well as security engineering activities such as security design reviews, security code reviews, and security testing and security deployment reviews. Joe holds a B.S in Computer Science from Montana State University. John Carmichael - Security Researcher John leverages his strong lab development, programming and security process skills to deliver factual and useful training courses to testers and developers. John is a skilled software and Web developer with deep expertise in several different languages and environments. He has made many contributions to the open source software community by developing an open source structured drawing tool implemented in Python, testing several release candidates of the Sarge installer for the Debian Linux distribution, and writing a soon to be released Windows OS crash analyzer product. John has a B.S. in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Vermont and is currently working toward an M.S. in Computer Information System Security from Boston University.