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Congressional candidate says Democrats leaked his Social Security number

Sep 28, 20101 min
Data and Information Security

Of course this happened in Florida.

Even as I’m reading that consumers are dumping ID Theft protection services (in my opinion, a questionable proposition at the best of times) there is one person who is signing up for LifeLock:  Lt. Col. Allen West, who’s running against Rep. Ron Klein in Florida’s 22nd Congressional district.

West is running an ad, claiming that his opponents intentionally included his social security number in a political mailer. The state Democratic part has apparently apologized for the mistake, according to this Fox News report:

The Florida Democratic Party sent a mailer last week featuring a copy of a 2005 tax lien against West, which included his Social Security number.

West isn’t satisfied with the apology. He thinks the leak was intentional, and is getting himself a new Social Security number

The lesson here is, as always, watch yourself with those public documents. Redact often and redact properly.