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Here’s a new one: the blackout caused a virus

Jun 08, 20091 min
Core Java

Here’s an unusual explanation for a virus infection:

200 government desktop computers and 20 servers at  had to be scrubbed after a virus infected systems at upstate New York’s Rensselaer County, The cause, according to a local news report: power failure.

A power outrage last week led to a server corruption, and that’s how the worms found their way in. It affected back office operations, like Central Services, Budget and Finance. They stressed no essential services were compromised, like Social Services, Motor Vehicles, the Jail and 911 operations.

A power outage eh? That would be a first. Well even the local news isn’t exactly buying it.

The story continues.

But was it the power outage or something else that caused the virus? News Channel 13 learned that on the same day as the outage, the County switched internet service providers.

“There may be more to the story than a simple power outage,” said Justin Cresswell, Director of Business Development & Internet Strategy for That’s the company that used to hold the contract with the County. He said there’s no sour grapes, but questions the level of network security as the county made the switch.